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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

long distance relationships can also lead to distrust of the partner

In the era of advanced technology semangkin any activity very easy to do.  

Sexual life for couples who are far apart can be a serious obstacle, because it can affect the emotional stability and affect the quality of one's performance.Not only that, long distance relationships can also lead to distrust of the partner, which continues to strain the relationship and ended in rancor, so that couples can hurt each other.Far apart the couple was not fun, especially if it lasts for days. If it so, the loneliness would be whack.These conditions can be dangerous to be a factor for someone to do the affair. But, it does depend on the processing of each individual.Such pairs (long distance relationship) does have its own challenges. If trust and love is too strong, the relationship can fall apart easily.Therefore, to avoid bad risks that could occur, it is necessary to:

Communication between married couples, including sexual communication

Times have changed, everything is all easy. Although the continent of many different communication alternatives could be pursued. Besides mobile phones, with the sophistication of internet chat via webcam chat or can be done. In addition, costs are also much cheaper. Then there is no excuse for not communicating.

If there is any doubt, suspicion, or other feelings, speak directly to her lover.

Do not bury and second guessing yourself. Adjust the frequency of each activity. Not to interfere and make your partner upset.

Nothing wrong with an occasional communication are interspersed with regular letter in the mail. In addition to more personal, in a letter you can leave a fragrance that you use frequently, giving rise to nostalgia in him.

If he misses the food home there's nothing wrong occasionally send her favorite dishes.

Make a surprise for your partner.

Surprise is often the refreshment of a relationship. For long-distance relationships can take advantage of shipping services to send flowers once a favorite. This could be the antidote to miss a romantic and exotic.

If there was enough time to surprise her with holiday home without giving the news first.

Trust and tolerance

When it is committed to long-distance relationship, trust is very important to the couple. If you can not trust your partner you should think twice before embarking on a long distance relationship.

You can be tired of his own tortured suspicion and jealousy because they can not always keep an eye on her lover. If there is a feeling of suspicion or anxiety, revealed to him directly. Do not keep to themselves and develop into a buried issue.

If you are jarring your sexual desires can masturbate. Masturbation is still tolerable, even if I have to use sex toys (sex toys).

Do not have thought to have an affair, because the risk of domestic rift divorce ends in front of your eyes.

Communications using a phone is something that is routine, but the sex by phone is something innovative. Doing sex by phone can be a variation of a relationship couples who live apart because of work, is a solution in sexual activity.Not difficult to have sex over the phone, there are several steps you can do:Expresses DesireSay to your partner how much you desire to be by his side. More important, do not forget to say that you wanted to make out as usual. Say it with affectionate words, say it with love.ImaginationAsk your partner to caress herself with closed eyes, and imagine that you're stroking it. You can also do the same.Respond to each otherSpeak to each in turn and give a response. Describe your feelings toward your partner, then imagine what the pair of you, and vice versa ordered the couple to imagine what you did to him.In this way, you and your partner can imagine a normal sexual activity, without sexual intercourse. Although this step does not give as much pleasure as actual sexual activity, at least this is quite close and can reduce the desire that booming.Sources: Vemale.com -Dr. Mulyadi Tedjapnata, MD

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