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Thursday, April 12, 2012

sexs in touch during pregnancy

There are many men who have problems when it comes to sex, especially when the wife is pregnant. This is usually caused by biological changes, which could reduce the interest to have sex.
Many pregnant women complain that their partner is no longer interested in sex during pregnancy, or even can not do it. However, there are not a few men who think their wives look more sexy while pregnant.
So what's the problem that actually makes men reluctant to have sex while pregnant? Here are a few reasons, as quoted geniuspregnancy:
A. The presence of "others"
Some men feel uncomfortable when having sex during pregnancy in the knowledge knowing that her son was in the room, that he actually really know.
2. Fear of injuring baby
Most men believe that they might be about the baby's head while doing penitrasi. Yet this is clearly impossible. You (the wife) should explain this to your husband.
3. Fear of hurting the partner (wife)
Communication is very important at this stage. You have to explain to my husband about what to do and what not. For example, tell him to not put pressure on your abdominal area. It's your job to convince him that everything would be fine for doing the right position and not harm you.
4. Positioning
You must accept the fact that it is not an easy matter to find the right position when having sex when the wife is pregnant. But you can continue to try and find the position of the other alternatives.
5. Fear that sperm trigger premature birth
In certain situations, it is indeed possible. Sperm contains the so-called prostaglandins, which can lead to babies born early. But this condition will only occur if the pregnancy was nearing delivery. You can explain this to your partner (husband) you that sex during pregnancy will not cause problems.
6. Intimacy is not necessarily related to sex
Some men think that a lot of ways to have fun without engaging in sexual relations. For this one, maybe you should remind him with a passion.
7. Men do not realize that when pregnant women are more intense orgasms
Some women can reach orgasm more quickly than usual, it can even happen a few times, especially during pregnancy. The entire genital and pelvic area, including the uterus increase in size with the volume of blood, and vaginal area becomes more sensitive. Each type of stimulation, although just a fantasy, it is often enough to trigger a woman's libido when pregnant.
One of the questions most frequently asked is pregnant, can have sex when pregnant? According to Dr. Tri Yuniarti, SpOG, a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology of the RS Yadika, actual sex is safe during pregnancy, as long as it knows the limits of security that may be performed. "Actually that is not dangerous sexual relationships, but the sperm into the uterus during pregnancy," she said, when the talk show "The Secret to Healthy Pregnancy Healthy Fetus and Smart" held by the RS Yadika Tabloid Nakita, Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta, Saturday (4 / 2/2012) last.
Sperm contain a particular substance that can cause sensitive reactions in the mouth of the uterus, and this will be very dangerous for the fetus. So when having sex while pregnant, the sperm should be issued outside of the vagina or by using condoms.
Although it contains protein, sperm actually have no benefit to the developing fetus. Sperm would be harmful to the fetus. Substances in this sperm will trigger an early contractions, which can cause premature birth, or the threat of miscarriage if the pregnancy is still young. "When having sex in the younger gestational age, should be careful because the movement is too strong or shocks that could be harmful to the fetus. In addition, the mothers also do not get too tired," he said.
Sex is safe during the first trimester of pregnancy until the age of seven months of the womb. Reduction in the frequency of sex should be done when the contents have reached the age of seven to nine months. "At this gestational age, the stomach is much bigger making it more difficult to have sex, and will put more pressure on the stomach so harmful to the fetus. In addition, the sperm is in will also trigger premature birth," he explained.

Beware of entry of sperm into the womb PregnancyAlthough sex is basically safe to do while pregnant, there are some pregnancy conditions that do not allow the mother to have sex at all, or a slightly reduced frequency:

A. The threat of miscarriage
There is a pregnant woman with a weak condition of pregnancy, or pregnancy is dangerous. When the pregnancy is high risk to the threat of miscarriage, you should avoid sex altogether. "Talk about the power of the fetus to the doctor. Because pregnancy could have turned weak after a few weeks of gestation, and fetuses to be strong," he added.

At the risk of multiple pregnancy, sex, even without inserting the sperm into the vagina or had used a condom, would still pose a risk, such as spots or heartburn. "These spots can be harmful to pregnancy. Because of the spots indicates that there is a problem with your baby. While heartburn can be an early sign of uterine contractions which can cause miscarriage or premature birth," he explained.

2. placenta previa
Placenta previa is a disorder of pregnancy, when the placenta covered the baby's birth canal. The placenta is blocking the cervix, causing premature cervical dilation, and are at risk of preterm labor. Placenta previa was divided into a number of conditions, namely the lateral placenta previa (when only partially covered the opening of the birth canal by the placenta), placenta previa marginalis (edge condition placenta is right on the edge of the opening of the birth canal), placenta previa and low position (the placenta is 3 - 4 cm above the edge of the opening of the birth canal).

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