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Sunday, April 22, 2012

A woman's sexual orientation in general

A woman's sexual orientation in general are attracted to men. But many women also have a deviant sexual orientation. Women are not attracted to men but women also are attracted to. This is commonly referred to as a lesbian. Cause women to be lesbians can be caused by various factors such as being hurt or trauma.However, not only that the cause, sometimes they do not consider themselves lesbian, just wanted to know, "said Suzi Godson, sex and relationship expert at The Times and author of The Sex Book. There are some things that underlie why women want to experiment with other women. them are as follows:A. For a taste of something differentIt is likely difficult to explain because they are often not perceived sexual attractiveness. When looking at other women who are beautiful, smart, and fragrant, like what it feels close to him? Why are men so obsessed with female breasts? What she feels when in contact with the woman's sensitive spot? If women can admire the beauty of another woman's body, would not that also means it's easier to give and feel his touch?2. Connect emotionally and verballyOf course you know that men are often difficult to understand women. Therefore, experiments with other women often depart from women's ability to understand each other their verbal language. Women can talk openly and honestly. Is not this is actually the key to good sex?3. Treating painWhen a new split with her partner, she would still feel horny moments. In addition to not being a partner (male), women are probably also do not want to get involved with a man. So, he will try to do it with other women, whether old friends or new friends known. However, there is an element in a warm sex also obtained so that women feel accompanied by a person who favors him.4. SofterWomen have softer lips and kissed it gently, too. This is what distinguishes the men. When feeling anxious, men tend to smell too "excited". They also always involve too much saliva when kissing.5. Women are smarter oral sexMen often do not know which part of the fun to the touch, especially in the vaginal area. Women, on the other hand, surely knows this and knows how to please women more time to experiment with oral sex. After all, no mustache newly shaved so that feels rough to the touch area.6. Not dirtyWomen love to do it in a clean, replaced with new sheets. When looking to dispose of the wind, she would be out of the room or at least step aside. Men on the contrary, tend to pass gas at random and amusing.

source: sky news. com

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