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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Stars secret Sexy Body

The Hunger Games. The film is adapted from the novel by Suzanne Collins with the same title, which is The Hunger Games, it became one of the topics to the attention of the world in a week later. In fact, The Hunger Games managed to earn a fantastic income which is about 214 million U.S. dollars worldwide in the first week since its release on March 21, 2012 in several countries, and was released internationally on March 23, 2012 last.Twenty-four participants. Only one winner who survived. That's the core of the story in the film is touted to be able to beat this Twilight movie. In the film made by director Gary Ross, it is seen the main character, Jennifer Lawrence, performed with a slim body, sexy, and energetic. Role as Katniss Everdeen, a teenage girl who follows the struggle to survive and win the game called the Hunger Games, Jennifer was required to perform the fit and the ideal body.Running, hunting, archery, and self-defense is the ability to be controlled by this young actress for playing the character Katniss. To that end, Jennifer has also done much preparation for this film. Well, now he's sharing a secret with you about how diet and exercise she lived for the body beautiful as it is today.Joe Horrigan is a trainer who accompanied Jennifer Lawrence in preparation. According to the trainer, to the appearance of Jennifer in the movie, the girl who previously had lean body needs to form a firmer and more solid, but not too muscular.What exercises are undertaken Jennifer Lawrence for Body Shaping Beauty?To portray Katniss, Jennifer needs to improve some skills such as agility, speed running, and engineering. Jennifer will usually start training at 10 am and after warming up, he did exercise about 1.5 hours of running, sprints, and weight training. Several times a week, he also practiced archery since Katniss character in this film has a good archery skills. Jennifer later in the afternoon practice with stationary bikes, sometimes using the method of interval training. In addition, Jennifer also occasionally practice yoga to improve his flexibility and improve his mood. aceshowbiz
Methods Applied to Diet What to Keep Slim Jennifer Lawrence?

For matters of diet, the trainer was accompanied by a nutritionist to make sure Jennifer healthy diet and proper. The principle is Jennifer diet must meet all the necessary nutrients the body needs. Jennifer said he was happy, because she did not need strict dieting and starvation. That is why during my diet program, Jennifer discipline and never cheating, never even though absent from training.

In his diet, calorie intake was reduced by Jennifer, as well as the intake of saturated fat. The nutritionist also always make sure Jennifer is getting enough protein and carbohydrates. Carbohydrate intake is too low it will make Jennifer is not powered during practice and reduce its physical performance. So, the point is a diet with adequate nutrition, complete, and balanced.

Well, if you want to have a beautiful body, regular exercise and proper diet is a must. Just as Jennifer experiences while undergoing diet and exercise program, then in addition to helping lose weight and body shape, regular exercise and healthy diet would be very nice. (df / yel)



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