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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The energy the body needs to maintain heart rate

Is the BMR, the energy the body needs to maintain heart rate, lungs pumping, filtration in the kidneys, and all other vital body functions when the body is at rest, which is calculated from the 60-70% of the calories you burn, the bulk of the mass body. When the reduced weight, BMR also decreases.For example, you weigh 73 kg and you eat 1900 calories a day. To lose 0.5 kg per week, you have to cut your calories between 500-600 calories per day. So you limit yourself to only eating 1400 calories per day and your weight was successfully dropped. But suddenly, after six weeks, the numbers on the scale is not moving. This occurs because the decrease in body weight, BMR also decreases. And when your body used to burn 1368 calories per day, now only need about 1080 calories. For example, the less weight you move, you burn fewer calories. Calories you burn each day is now not much different from what you consume. Well, if you're in that phase, this is what you should do.Despair not EasyYou may feel stuck, but you still managed to lose weight, although not affecting the numbers on the scale. Even if your weight down only 0.3 kg per week, this means that within a year you've managed to lose a lot as much as 14 kg.Avoid Confusing The calculationsThis often happens is, you are exaggerating about the calories you burn and underestimate the calories you eat. Discover the habits in which you frequently consume excess calories as eating foods like sweets, eating large meals, and so forth. To prevent this, you should have a special notebook to record all the foods you eat each day in detail. You need to remember, that to lose weight by 0.5 kg, you have to cut at least 3,500 calories per day. If you are unable to eat, you have to do a brisk walk for 10 hours a week, so that your weight falls on the same figure.Add Weight TrainingIncrease physical activity such as weight training is very useful in dealing with stuck weight or so-called diet plateau, as a useful exercise to burn calories and build muscle. The more muscle you have, the higher your BMR. This is why weight training is helpful. In fact, increasing muscle mass while fat body begins to compensate for the decrease in BMR is reduced which leads to weight loss.Calories from Protein AsuplahThere is some evidence that replacing calories from fat with calories from carbohydrates and protein can help keep your BMR for weight loss. Should not be excessive, just 20% of daily calories from protein you consume each day.Vary the exerciseMany fitness experts claim that shocking your body with diet changes and exercise, can stimulate weight loss again. The reason is quite reasonable, considering that our body requires a gradual process and the variations that the body remains vibrant in this program. Instead of doing a monotonous diet, you better try something new like, do aerobic exercise with light weight training, if all this time you only aerobic exercise. Slight changes may make you stay motivated and avoid boredom and make the body adapt to keep our program.Spur your motivation Every DayIf your motivation starts to decline, write down all the reasons you want from the beginning when you lose weight. Then look at the list every day. Tell your friends and family what you're doing, and ask for support from them.Know When You Should StopDiet plateau is actually a chance for you to predict whether your weight loss program in the future is useful or not, and also to reconsider whether this time you really have to be in a healthy weight, so no need to lose weight again. If you decide to quit then your goal is to maintain the best possible results you have achieved and keep your body in ideal shape.Well, if you run plateau, do it on the way to handle it. And you need to remember, eat a nutritionally balanced, and be more physically active for your health. Take two a day habit, and you will get an outstanding success. (Df / bee)Source: http://duniafitnes.com

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