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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Clad in beautiful dress Natural style ala Indonesia

Purple Lovers


   When the purple was the inspiration nan sophisticated, Photo: WomanOnly document                      


So make no mistake, this purple not only be owned by a widow (as it was known before). But a figure of inspiration purple woman full of tenderness, elegant, simple and brilliant.

If you have to choose the color of brown or black in the delivery of a party, WomanOnly mereferensikannya for you, offering the perfect nan purple cast.

Clad in beautiful dress

Natural style ala Indonesia

The first inspiration comes from Allure Batik House collection, an enchanting offerings of Indonesia's natural for those who want style perfectly. Combined with the red color that gives the impression of a bold line will make you become a brilliant star in the night.

One-shoulder styles accentuate the beauty of your shoulders. Cleavage of the base of the knee to the heel will make you and lead you step down gracefully dance floor.

western style


The second inspiration comes from the collections of The Designer's Corner Style. Orchid flowers are blooming beautifully and make you fall in love. As if carrying the flowering of orchids on your body, and make you like a flower fairy on the dance floor with your partner. [Break]

Stepping lightly on a cloud like


This inspiration came from a rope detail, enhanced by the use of the best and luxurious leather, dazzling metallic colors, it looks so light on the feet and sophisticated.

You will walk confidently walked to and fro without feeling any weight on your foot. [Break]

I have the clutch!


There's nothing to rival this Bvlgari inspired. Alloy beads and sequins arranged neatly in a sweet Clucths is the perfect you. A chain of enchanting beautifully encrusted with round hooks posts from Bvlgari and various sweet little gems in them sparkle like stars in the sky is dark.

Ditatahkan rocks in each clutch complexion looks so natural and sophisticated. Completing the look of batik. [Break]

de Amethyst


Amethyst is a type of stone like the royal family. This stone was said to repel evil thoughts and turn one's intelligence. This stone is also believed to give peace to the use or the beholder. (VEM / bee)

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