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Saturday, April 21, 2012

weaving Sumba, and a recognition of the international

Towards Recognition of UNESCO as "World Heritage Not Objects"


Ministry took place in the Department of Education & Culture of the Republic of Indonesia yesterday (17/4), the Government of Indonesia announced the filing of Sumba ikat as "Not Objects of Cultural Heritage" in 2013, which was submitted to UNESCO.

Attending the conference Deputy Minister of Education and Culture, Sector of Culture, Mrs. Wiendu Nuryanti, Mr. Hubert Gijzen as Director of UNESCO Jakarta Office, Chairman of Cita Weaving Indonesia, Hatta Rajasa OSCE as well as a moderator Arief Rachman, who also serves as Chief Executive of the Indonesian National Commission for UNESCO.

In just two months of preparation, the Cita Weaving Indonesia in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Culture Ministry of the Republic of Indonesia, to prepare all necessary documents - documents, and has been accepted by UNESCO.

"The cultural heritage of this other than as part of the expression of cultural values​​, as well as the social glue that will provide tremendous economic impact."

Mr. Hubert Gijzen said that the weaving of Sumba is a living legacy to the human, and therefore need preservation from generation to generation.

"We should be grateful that the nomination of the worldwide recognition for weaving of Sumba has been accepted by Unesco 11 days ago, and to the Ministry of Education and Culture also tried to disseminate to the public. Fever to love the product - a product of this culture of Indonesia must be constantly transmitted and disseminated, "said Wiendu, as Deputy Minister of Education and Culture.

According Wiendu this effort is expected to be an inspiration to other cultural heritages to be also confirmed by the UNESCO. Why UNESCO recognition is important, at a press conference, Wiendu explained that this addition to the cultural heritage as part of the expression of cultural values​​, as well as the social glue that will provide tremendous economic impact. Most of the weavers are women who could support his family, therefore the program - a special program for the weavers could have an impact this will reduce poverty.

Referring to the success of batik, the batik since proclaimed until now been able to absorb up to 1 trillion of economic value, up 300 percent over the previous value. This UNESCO recognition would not want to bring the economic impact. Wiendu also expect easy - hope the next time weaving can be given UNESCO recognition, success can follow batik, of course with the support of all parties, from the craftsmen, designers, aspects - Other aspects. According Wiendu, and has been applied by the craftsmen helped CTI, ikat is not only able to focus on fashion purposes only, for the purposes of the interior is also very nice trinkets and potential.

Arief Rachman said the proposed criteria of UNESCO recognition must meet the originality, authentic, have a cultural impact the economy, in order to keep a nation do not lose their cultural heritage.

sources: (VEM / ana / miw)

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