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Monday, April 23, 2012

About Sex Your Mother Withheld

Sex may not setabu first, but still our parents' generation still seem reluctant to speak out and teach their children. However, you do not have to be disappointed because we are there to provide the information you need, including the following 7 things that your mother may have always been kept secret.Mr P is a unique ...Some are small, some large, can be elongated, and even stretch. Can go up and down as well, like 'they' have a mind of its own. Perhaps for this one, as long as your life will never truly understand it.If it breaks, then fixVarious problems will occur in the room, whether you or your partner are not the mood, feel less satisfied, could not reach climax. If that happens, immediately look for a solution because if not, then you personally will regret it.He had simpleYou want action, but worried about:cellulite on the buttocks,acne on the face,breasts that are too mini,breasts are too large,underwear models are far from sexy,old-looking face,the body is too fat,body is too thin,and bla .. bla .. bla ... there are many other things more likely ...One good news for you: men do not care about all that. Really! They say when it would be a problem for them, but if not, then it means it does not. So, let's stop worrying.Experiments or die style?Of course this is a choice each person. There are many people who used a technique related to missionary all the time. However, many do not like the condition of 'death-style' is. Your sex life is a window to the soul, and if you feel bored, then it may be too tedious beloved husband. Let more skilled and daring to try new things.Communication the keyThere are many couples who feel dissatisfied with their sex lives. They dreamed of a wonderful relationship, but rather than tell them, they actually even silent. Just like everything else in the room that could lead to misunderstanding and a lot of dissatisfaction, your sex life is also not much different. Therefore, the phrase was the hood.Oral yuk!As mentioned oral, Patti Stanger 'Millionaire Matchmaker' said the man "would humble himself to gain pleasure".Know thyselfIf you do not recognize themselves sexually, how can you expect a partner 'find'? (VEM / meg)

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