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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Marriage of a very important moment

Marriage of a very important moment for those who want to continue descent and a

something sacred, especially when coupled with the rituals performed according to custom. But not only sacred rituals performed when a marriage is also an interesting information. Quite often these rituals inviting foreign tourists to come to a country in order to see their own unique rituals.And this is a unique 8 unique wedding ritual as well as strange as quoted from Sheknows.North BorneoIf the honeymoon is a series of beautiful and romantic night, your shadow will soon be shattered and replaced with wide-eyed amazement. In North Borneo, tribal Tidong precisely, there is at once uniquely strange ritual that must be acted by the bride.For three days and three nights after their wedding day, bride and groom are prohibited from using the bathroom. This ritual rules MUST be followed by a bridal couple. In fact, to avoid fraud, the family members took turns keeping the bathroom and expel the bride who wants to do 'naughty' to use the bathroom.Trusted by the tribe, the ritual will take long and happy life for children and descendants of the wedding couple.You can imagine how they must hold the activity in the bathroom for three days and three nights, right? EWWW ...UkraineThat said, one partner may be interested in the relationship matchmaker when they were in trouble. Well, to avoid this, people in Ukraine have a unique ritual that is believed to keep the couple of things.The trick is to burn the statue of a matchmaker in the wedding ceremony, which means burning also all relationship or interest that may have happened with the wedding couple. Haha ... horror of this ritual is also yes.ScotlandAnd do not imagine a bachelor party that sweet smile of the bride and groom surrounded by if you get married in Scotland. Because at night bachelor party, the bride will be bound and doused with sour milk, rotten fish, stale food, the rest of the oil, furs, and whatever comes from the decay and trash. Yuck! It turned out that the ritual is much more cruel than ceplokan eggs and flour glaze.Not just stop there, then continued with the ritual of making the bride and groom drunk alcohol. Reportedly, this tradition is carried out in preparation for that soon after marriage, life would be much more painful and disgusting. So that the bride must prepare themselves to deal with any incident.TahitiIn Tahiti, it seems that the bride was prohibited from wearing high heels. Because, after the wedding ceremony, they will walk over the bodies of friends and relatives to the bridal chamber. There, the tradition is called 'human carpet'.South AfricaFamily in the shadow of our usual mingle and talk to each other fun stuff. But the ritual is done differently in South Africa, when the wedding was held. There was no talk of friendliness and sweet in there. Done precisely that each party is a family of mutual contempt and ridicule each other. You might think they're arguing, but they're not fighting, they just hold the wedding ritual. And, well .... marriage is still running.ChinaWhether you are a person who easily touched and deeply moved and cried at the wedding? Fortunately for you, because according to the ritual in China, the bride are obliged to cry for a month since the day of her wedding. This is then followed by a festival which was attended by weeping grandmother, mother, aunt, brother, sister, and all the women in his family. And on the day of her wedding, the bride will sing another sad blue confuse.IndiaBelieve in superstition? Hmmm ... believe it or not, people in India still holds the things related to 'another world' and actually do the ritual that is believed to bring salvation to them. And, there, women are born with gingsul India to marry an animal (usually a dog or goat) to ward off bad luck that could happen to him.MauritaniaThere was no gym and personal trainer in Mauritania. The whole of the bride is required to have a fat body. I mean, really fat! The more obese a woman is, the men considered beautiful by Mauritania.Yes, just like your shadow, big belly, arms are sagging, stretch marks scars, are characteristics of a beautiful woman Mauritania version. Big is really beautiful!

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