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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

tips on raising self-esteem of women

Yep, that's Lauren Hutton. With its unique way, he tried to raise the confidence of all women that they should be proud of what they have.One day, Lauren, who works as an actress and a J. Crew model is asked to choose her own clothes and that will determine the style she wore in the photo shoot. The result?"He's a character figure, classical, and beautiful. He really understands what he wants and what he should do," said Marissa Web, vice president of women's design J. Crew. "And he knew how to mix 'n' match as well as unique accessories to add that we must love."Confidence and proficiency of the idol in this fashion is admirable. The secret? Here are 10 important things about the style that you can apply from an inspirational fashion icon:Make it look simple"Surely you do not want to look like people who spend time just to dress up, is not it?"Not to be perfect"Make you look as if you were wearing it at random rather than make it look as neat as possible. I like what I wear when it is not very balanced, asymmetric, and a little messy."Making friends with the opposite"I like to mix expensive items with inexpensive, or combine style with unusual subject. Try to display it in a unique way and see the results. So fresh."Know yourself"Try to better identify yourself. One of the secrets to be able to more easily identify yourself by listening to what other people think about your appearance. Especially if you get the same criticism or suggestion repeatedly from different people. No matter what people say , immediately see yourself in the mirror and take note. There must be something you can do with this opinion "Ultimate comfort"The important thing is comfort in appearance. If you are comfortable with what you wear, then your mood feels better then a good effect on the expression on your face anyway."Try new things? Why not?"Various errors in trying new things are possible, but that's the style you recognize the truth. Is not it supposed to be exploited youth to try new things? Usually at the age of 50, you begin to understand the character of your style for a variety of experiences that you went through . However, this does not mean you should stop trying new things is not it?Have an open mind"When shopping, I like to visit every department from the department of women, men, and children. In the children's section, I see things are funny and make me laugh ..."Wherever you are shopping, it's OK"I want to wear anything decent to me, no matter from where I got it."Take a chance"Do not be shy to play the color, find the color that best matches your skin tone. I really like the colors that combine unusual colors such as orange and blue as the colors have the same color sharpness."Show your best"Style is part of fashion. The things you learn can help you determine which ones should be taken or not, according to what is most suitable for you."Now, are you prepared to be a confident person? If not, then you are required to apply this lesson 10 right now .. (VEM / bee
source: Vemale.com

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