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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

role of father and mother in the care of Children

Fathers and mothers have different roles in providing the knowledge and teaching to children. Expected parents understand child development and keep up with knowledge.

The role of parent to child growth and completeness of intelligence is very different. Psychologist Roslina Verauli, MPsi, of empathy and Cengkareng Hospital Clinic, Smart Parents at the Conference in Jakarta some time ago, saying that just as children, parents also have a gender and a different temperament that helped give the different ways in parenting.In general, the father and mother have an equal role in parenting their children. But there is little difference in the touch of what is shown by the father and mother.A mother's role. Foster feelings of love and love to children through interactions that involve much physical contact and affection.2. Foster language skills in children through the activities of storytelling and storytelling, as well as through activities that are closer to children, that speak from their hearts to children.3. Teach about gender roles of women, about how to act as a female, and what is expected by the social environment of a woman.The role of fathersA. Foster a sense of confidence and competence in children through play activities are more rugged and physically involved both inside and outside the chamber.2. Grow the need for the child's desire to achieve through the activities introduce children about the various stories about ideals.3. Teach about gender roles of men, about how to act as men, and what is expected by the social environment of man.According Roslina, the role of parents in the care of children change over the growth and development. Therefore, parents are expected to understand the phases of child development and compensate. According to developmental psychologist, Jean Piaget, the child needs to perform certain actions on the environment to be able to develop a complex and intelligent view of any experience. Was the duty of parents to give children the experience they need in order to fully develop his intelligence.

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