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Sunday, April 22, 2012

styles of kebaya made ​​and sexy women

We must be grateful and proud of kebaya, a typical national dress of Indonesia. Dress this one simple form, simply cupped in the center and extends downward, but able to highlight the elegance and softness of a woman.

From this simple shape, kebaya was able to be adapted in a variety of clothing styles, making kebaya able to transform that creativity is not limited to follow. You may compared with the traditional clothes of other countries, nothing is as flexible as kebaya to be modified into a variety of styles. Here's transformation from a casual style kebaya, natural to the section.
Girly Casual
Foto: dok. Kapanlagi.com
Two kebaya worn Pratistha Agni shows two distinct properties of kebaya that does not reduce elegance. Kebaya modified with arms piled and lace, presents a chic girly style, while the full kebaya lace sleeves this medium provides a more casual and traditional.
Bold and Princessy
Foto: dok. Kapanlagi.com
Simple kebaya dress can also be modified into a luxury European-style princess heavy, bold and 'expensive'. Game color and detail to be a key point, because the curve of her own kebaya has been very supportive to this fancy dresses.
Modern Sexy
Foto: dok. Kapanlagi.com
Agnes Monica has its own style for the blouse. Stage to present a bold fashion style, sexy kebaya is modified into a backless, low cut chest and relying on sheer action layer which beautify the dress.

You also can create whatever your style of choice through the kebaya. Wastra wealth of our country is really rich and very supportive of its citizens to be creative.

sources: (VEM / miw)

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