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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Victoria Beckham's desire to return to get a baby


Victoria Beckham's desire to return to get a baby finally materialized as well. Having had three children, Brooklyn (11), Romeo (8) and Cruz (5.5), Victoria is currently awaiting her fourth child.

Spokesman both confirmed the news. "David and Victoria Beckham happy to proclaim the presence of their fourth child this summer," said the spokesman was quoted as saying both the People on Monday (1/10/2011).

"Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz are very pleased to welcome their new brother," he said.

The desire to have a baby was expressed by the wife of British soccer star, David Beckham, it was some time ago. He says this, "One time when I was awarded another child, I thought it was a tremendous boon," said Victoria (36). "Having three boys had quite a lot, but who knows (awarded again), a moment?" he hoped.

The desire to have a daughter Victoria became an obsession now. In fact, word had circulated that the former Spice Girls were about to adopt a baby girl as a complement to their families. However, the news denies.

Responding to the pregnancy of his wife, Beckham also had also expressed his happiness through his Facebook account. "I have great news I want to say to you all," writes Beckham. "Victoria and I are expecting our fourth child this summer. Children will be delighted to sting the presence of their new baby, what is it male or female," he wrote again.

Simon Fuller, who also mentors business associates Beckham, is the person who first congratulated them. "I am really glad to hear it," said Fuller. "Family means a lot to David and Victoria, and this is good news for them to start in 2011," he said.

 Victoria Beckham Not Care Disadvantages husband
 His style is versatile and extremely parsimonious set That smile it makes people less sympathetic to him. But Victoria Beckham seems a to do all These Things to always look just gorgeous and perfect record when paparazzi photos. Slightly narcissistic and lebay, indeed. At home, Victoria admitted Trying to Appear as wives and mothers in general.About the relationship with her husband, for example, Victoria seems a to have always supported her husband. Not just now, when the husband was reportedly having an affair with Shery Shabani, the wife of a millionaire lawyer, Kambiz Shabani. But also in everyday life, when Victoria did not want to focus on the lack of David, but only the excess.About the David WHO growing niche to sound shrill, for example, women 35 years admitted to not matter."Well, I'm not so concerned if he had a shrill voice. I think he's perfect, so people want to look for weaknesses," he said, in a special interview with Marie Claire magazine.Victoria admitted crazy about everything to her husband: his dark skin, tattoo, hair disheveled. All looks beautiful and natural."One time he sat on the edge of the bed, sending e-mail. At that time he has no clothes. I just finished a shower, and there Stood Staring at him. He has no fat at all in his body. So, WHO cares to vote shrill? "he said.As a mother of three sons: Brooklyn (11), Romeo (7), and Cruz (5), Victoria felt to be firm and creative. He did not want his three children to be spoiled, and respect for Their parents' money while Wealthy.Once when They had breakfast, and Victoria was an opportunity to teach about American dollars. He put a Post-it notes on all cereals, bread, and milk are Provided for breakfast. Then he took a box of fake money from Toys 'R' Us."Okay, we'll learn about American money. You must buy your breakfast now," Victoria said, repeating his conversation with her three children. "I bear them money. They then got up and said, 'Mom, we want Coco Puff . ' Then I said, 'Coco Puff! It cost 1 dollar 2 cents!' "Women are now focused as a fashion designer is also Trying to present in each of Their children in school activities. When he is not traveling on business, he accompanied the children to school and prepare lunch. Brooklyn and her sisters loved with Such services. Often it's not you, the mother prepare Their lunch.On another occasion, Victoria Cruz go into the classroom. All the little girls said hailed his clothes there."It's good (praise), because i do not have a daughter," he said.
Source: Marie Claire

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