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Friday, April 20, 2012

that vitamin D levels of pregnant women

 A study conducted by scientists from the University of Western Australia found that vitamin D levels of pregnant women diasup was possible relationship development and language skills to talk to children in the future.

Andrew Whitehouse, head of research said that the study complements previous research showing a relationship to lack of vitamin D intake of pregnant women with problems in children such as weaker bones, asthma and poor growth.

This study took twenty years to measure the levels of vitamin D in more than 700 women who are pregnant, the pregnancy under study is the age that has passed through four months. Five and ten years later, researchers tested the children and mothers to follow the emotional development and language skills.

The study divided them into four groups, ranging from mothers who received vitamin D intake is highest to the lowest. The result, in the group of mothers who had low vitamin D intake had children with lower language skills. This ability is seen from the results of tests of vocabulary.

"Vitamin D is consumed by the mother during pregnancy affects brain development activities," Whitehouse said, "If vitamin D deficiency during pregnancy, then a child is likely to have difficulties with language in childhood. So the consumption of vitamin D supplements can be an important step."
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