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Monday, April 16, 2012

Want to have a baby to avoid the following

Are you a difficult one partner has a child, when you're craving it the next greatest thing? If yes, note the following article. Because not only can inhibit pregnancy health, but there are also some lifestyle makes it difficult to have children. To that end, avoid some of the following to your plan more smoothly.A. Wear pants are too tightMaybe you've heard information that the man should use boxer shorts instead of tight underwear telalu, to keep the sperm. But, you also need to know that the habit of wearing skinny jeans in women also may affect fertility. According to a report in the Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, jeans that are too tight can cause problems in women, because it increases the risk of endometriosis, which can lead to serious problems in fertility.2. Refuse sex until the time of ovulation arriveExperts do not recommend couples to only have sex during ovulation only. Because the actual ejaculation on a regular basis can help improve the resilience of the sperm. While on the contrary, if the husband often had to hold ejaculation to more than one week, this could reduce the success rate of pregnancy.3. Making the process of 'making kids' getting too technicalUsing a fertility test kits over and over again to see if today you could potentially get pregnant will only make your own stress. The couple can also join 'il-fil "if you set the time to make love according to certain times that are considered best for' the child '. Better to relax yourself and do not be too imposing.4. Bring work homeToo much stress at work can affect fertility. Especially if you experience sleep disorders such as insomnia often have to go back to work when it's at home, and even works well in the bedroom.According to research from the University of Maryland, when the circadian cycle or your body's daily cycle is interrupted, the automatic production of the hormone melatonin is also involved subject. In fact, this hormone also plays a role in the female reproductive hormone release.To that end, have a good sleep pattern, with no way to carry books, computers, or work into the bedroom. Set a rule that the bedroom only for sleep and sex.5. Losing too much weightWeight is too thin to reduce the potential to become pregnant, because when too little body fat you can experience irregular menstrual and hormonal changes. Therefore, if you want to quickly get pregnant, have had a healthy weight.6. Consumption of alcoholAccording to Dr. Kelton Tremellen, deputy medical director of IVF Clinic, drinking about two glasses a day is still intolerable for expectant fathers. However, when the habit is more than four cups a day, can be harmful to sperm.7. Smoking habitsIn men, smoking can make sperm count dropped by 15 percent compared to non-smokers. In addition, the sperm is also likely not healthy so it can not fertilize an egg.For women, smoking can prevent the movement of the egg through the fallopian tubes into the uterus, while the chemicals are in cigarettes can affect the production of hormones essential for pregnancy.

source: sky news

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