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Friday, April 27, 2012

women is a bra with additional padding, or push-up bra

Wear a push-up bra can improve self-confidence.

One of the products are very successful in understanding the needs of women is a bra with additional padding, or push-up bra. Use of push-up bras make women who have breast mini is no longer self-conscious, even able to boost her confidence. According to medical research from the University of Manchester.

The study led by psychology professor Geoff Beattie is the world's first academic study that looked at the effects of the use of a bra on a woman. Beattie found, bra cleavage are able to create a successful raise self-esteem of women. Thus, should the breast implant procedure is not needed anymore because we can give the impression of fuller breasts with this bra.

"These results indicate that you no longer need to do surgery to get a cleavage boost confidence," he said.

How exactly are the team found this conclusion?

The team analyzed 60 videotapes of female respondents aged 20-55 years in the three groups of interactions. The tape shows how women react when wearing push-up bra, and then when wearing a regular bra. Seen, there are three key behaviors that can be associated with self-confidence, that smile, make eye contact and hand gestures.

When women wear push-up bra, her smile rose to 73 percent, then the hand movements do to make yourself feel good, like sweeping the forehead or chin stroking (signs of low self-confidence) was reduced 64 percent. The act of avoiding eyes and looked also declined to 41 percent.

These findings by Beatty beyond his expectations. This is proof that what is worn by women can have a positive influence on their behavior.

Source: Marie Claire

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