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Friday, April 13, 2012

Wedding dresses dream in the Moment

For the first time, fashion designer Jeffrey Tan made bridal wear collection. Clothing was released in Bazaar Bridal Week 2012 event held at The Ritz-Carlton, Pacific Place, Jakarta, 5-8 April 2012. During this time, a graduate of Esmod Paris designers focused on ready-made clothing, especially for men's clothing.
"For a wedding dress, customers usually come directly to me, told me about the concept they want, then make my designs. I have not had a collection to be shown as an option. Now, through this collection, I want to give that option, "said Jeffry, released argued that the modern concept wedding dress.
In designing this first collection, inspired by Jeffry underwater world. The beauty of the world were brought and embodied in the dresses off-white color (white or yellowish-gray) with small details that made using certain techniques.
Details such as fins in a dress, for example, made with laser cut, the cutting technique using a laser patterning applications.
"This technique could make small cuts in detail. Cut too fast, can be up to thousands, "said Jeffry is in one fashion wear applications up to 3,000 pieces of fins are cut with a laser.
In addition to the application of laser cut fins, Jeffry show creativity in detail by using origami techniques and the lattice, the string is set up to form a cross, which was placed at the back of the dress. Although berdetail complicated, pieces of the overall dress is quite simple, without any form of large bubbles from the waist down.
Character of consumerEven with this first collection Jeffry can provide design options for consumers, he still gives room to change dress suit wearer. "Marriage is a personal time for the bride. So I have to pay attention to their opinion, can not one hundred percent use of my ideas. Every woman must have had his own dream about her trousseau, "said Jeffry.
The same opinion was also expressed Sapto Djojokartiko designer. When taking orders, Sapto usually invite discussions to know the character of its consumers.
"I asked him to show sense of fashion through pictures of clothes and accessories that she liked from magazines. His picture is not necessarily associated with a wedding dress. In this way, I could find out his character, "said Sapto.
After knowing the character of the customer, to continue discussions on the concept of marriage that has been determined bride. Venue for the event also included factors taken into account in order to wear clothes that can be one focus of attention.
"For events held in a huge space, for example, is not supposed to wear a simple dress because it would not 'look'. Conversely, in a small room, his clothes do not get too big and luxurious. So, when involved in a marriage, a designer simply act as a director, "commented Sapto.
See-throughSapto, who issued a collection of wedding dress for the second time after the first one conducted last year, this time showing a simple bersiluet shirt designs. Some even dress like bersiluet sleek evening gowns.
Esmod Jakarta designer graduates are also implementing a design that is becoming a trend, which is using translucent materials, such as tulle, chiffon and brocade upholstery fabrics without thick. The body of the wearer, especially the legs, left visible.
"Nowadays, women perform a variety of body treatments. So, there are women who are confident to wear transparent clothing, including wedding dress, "said Sapto.
The same is done Deden Siswanto. Deden even translucent material blends with long kebaya of velvet, instead of using batik cloth that is usually used as a blend.
Deden also modified to more memorable modern kebaya with peplum, which is similar additional skirt at the waist to create a slightly expanded form in the pelvic region.
For those who want an artistic impression, Tex Saverio gave a slide show option that is part of the opening ceremony on Thursday (5/4/2012) night. Although the design concept of easy to wear than the clothes that had been designed, the designer usually called Rio is still impressive luxury.
Besides Jeffry, Sapto, and Rio, bridal fashion show special demonstration also showed the work of Soekamto Era, Luwi Saluadji, Tri Handoko, Adjie Notonegoro, Ramli and senior designer at the closing ceremony on Sunday night.

Sources: Compass Print

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