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Friday, April 20, 2012

Spread of batik design that is original work is the pride of Indonesia

 Spread of batik design that is original work is the pride of Indonesia, batik is not only given the echoes in their own country but has penetrated into the international world. So much has changed batik clothing designs that can be used in a variety of occasions. One new concept is the application of batik in a wedding dress.Ristya Stefanie, a young designer from Surabaya to change the habits of creative use of material a wedding dress or a plain white kebaya. Women boned tomboy brings batik dress, he even dared to say as one of the pioneers of batik designer wedding gown. Inspiration combines batik and international dress into something elegant, glamorous while still raises the values ​​of nationalityDespite having no background as a designer, work Ristya a make up artist to make her understand the elements of beauty, his expertise in makeup also makes advanced memantaskan clothing and makeup. For designers who are just starting a business fashion, Ristya claimed had felt desperate, some of the clothes he has made can not be sold. But it does not break his spirit, any shortcomings he quickly perfected.The first inspiration batik as why he chose the wedding dress he made to Vemale, because he considered the batik is widely used in the special day. Therefore, he started thinking why not dikreasikan batik clothing to be worn on special occasions as well, such as the wedding day.View Bridal Gown Collection Batik Ristya Stefanie"I'm designing something that I like, I like something unique, and that I get in batik cloth," said Ristya recently held a solo show in Surabaya and precisely February 11, 2012."Batik fabrics bride is a mainstay of my work. Work is that I want to make my seed to differentiate with other fashion designers. I want to combine batik with an international feel. I also want to be part of batik as a wedding day a special day"In a statement, Ristya using batik motif Mega Chance, Batik Cirebon, Sekar Jagat Surakarta, Merak Batik Semarang, Pekalongan Batik. Contemporary batik is used to give variety, Ristya is not fixated on a single motif, multiple merger motives he did. He also did not vote because of the type of batik batik is more rigid because it has a motif with a wax content, which makes it perfect to be formed into countur he wanted. Ristya prefer batik print with silk because it is easily formed into long dresses.Batik motifs that he uses not only the specific motifs such as Sidomukti marriage, Sidoluhur, but also many other motif merging to avoid monotony. But he admits, he still holds fast to the tradition of batik motif that should not be used on the wedding day as batik parang. In her experience, the colors are much more commonly in the favorite colors of Maroon and Gold.Ristya rent collection is more of this design, although it is possible if the client wants to buy his design. Ristya now have a total of 7 pieces of dress, the color in between green, brown, yellow, maroon, blue, pink and fuschia with the average - average rental price of 10 million complete with the groom's suit with the same motif. For Made by order is usually ranging from 25 million to 40 million for a pair of wedding dress, with the usual standard model of tank, without a tail and some ornament, such as drapes that accent he uses normally.Claiming to learn self-taught in the science of cosmetology are also fashion design, Ristya the drafter alone until he was helped by an assistant designer who oversaw the manufacture of patterns and design accents can also tailor a design to follow the direction that he has created. (Ana / yel)

source: vemale.com

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