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Friday, April 13, 2012

Wedding dresses look beautiful with Batik

International bridal gown and elegant luxury of choice is also a special day a dream of many women. But luxury and elegance are not the only criterion. International wedding dress unique and graceful also now a requirement.
This gap is a keen glance Ristya Stefanie, Stefanie Ristya owner of Make Up & Wedding Design. 25 year old woman who was familiarly called TYA is creating a new breakthrough in the form of an international-style batik dress.

For the first time, employers are introducing wedding services wedding dress batik in Surabaya, East Java in February 2011. Not unexpectedly, the Surabaya wedding dress warmly welcomed the creation of this Tya batik creations.
"People like to Surabaya, according to their initial impression of a modern but unique. Batik is so characteristic can also be used for a special day with modern design. Combining international batik dress," said Tya at a media gathering in Jakarta some time ago.