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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When starting independent child renavoid angry when the child the old

 to do somethingWhen starting independent children, avoid angry when the child the "old". Remember, everything takes the process.

Home parenting parents determine the child's independence. Children aged 2-3 years can actually be trained independently. But not a few children who are accustomed to doing things with the help or the "intervention" caregivers and parents. Child's needs are always served. If you have this, do not be surprised if the child's self is difficult because the department already served.But do not worry, you can still change the pattern already established that. Here's how to change it, as suggested by Alzena Masykouri, MPsi, from deer, Jakarta.A. CompactTalking to children and people in the neighborhood, the grandfather, grandmother, and caregiver. The goal is to enable the equal treatment of children, so what the target is reached.All should be under one command, namely parents, how the method will be pursued in memandirikan children.
2. Be patientNext, begin to apply the program memandirikan children. Avoid angry when children are "old" to do something. Remember, everything takes the process.3. CommunicationConvey what the parents' expectations. Let's just say, for example, "already a big brother. So, from now Big Brother can bathe themselves, yes."Give directions in a flat tone and short, not too fast because the child's attention span is short. Like, "Yes, now go to shoes and socks, yes. Save on a shoe rack." It could also be with the phrase, "Let whoever is the most rapid wear shoes, father or brother?"
4. ConsistentWhen children are bored, feel inadequate, feel compelled, then your program will fail to train the children themselves. Tell him, "All of these needs. If you do not want to eat alone, I'll get hungry." So, still give support, not aid.5. AppreciationWhen the boy managed to achieve a target of independence, give the reward that makes the child feel proud of himself. The child will feel confident and believe that it is capable of doing it yourself.Important to remember, ask your child to do something does not mean you do not care or do not want to watch the child. Other people might judge you as "the Queen or King Tega", leave it alone. After all, you do so without violence, threats, or punishment. In principle, you want to change the paradigm has always helped and this diladeni. What also needs to be remembered, the future of competition in the era of very tight. If the child is not independent from an early age, he was not ready for it.sources: (Tabloid Nakita / Hilman Hilmansyah)

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