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Sunday, April 22, 2012

whether women should be dressed classy


Indeed, in this modren era appearance very prominent outer side of both physical and viewed from the side of the material, not only women who look at it the opposite as well as men, who judge the form of sheer luxury.What the hell was he thinking when a woman with the appearance of "wah" passing in front of them?Appearance is often a barometer of one's social strata. Although not entirely true, but that's the assumption that developed over the years. After all, the first thing most easily seen when we meet with other people is the appearance. Just imagine if you are for the first time acquainted with the person, the one who dressed neatly and seemed perfunctory one, certainly not to blame if you're more appreciative of people who look neat is not it?This also applies to assessing the performance of a woman. According to Toni, 28 years old, when approaching a woman, the first thing he saw was the appearance. "From his appearance, I can imagine about me can live it or not," he said."Women like that are very attractive in my eyes, makes it look sexy and 'expensive'. Honestly curious."Another opinion says that currently, with a growing trend, he no longer can judge from the only woman on the outside. Because almost all women look "well". Moreover, a variety of magazines and fashion shows are always a classy display of goods supporting the appearance of women. As said by Budi, 26 years old. "I'm not one to easily believe the various attributes that are inherent in women. For me to say classy woman if she wore the attributes supported by the classy attitude. "But the man did not deny a woman the appearance of high-class has its own charm. "Women like that are very attractive in my eyes," said Rio, 28, "makes it look sexy and 'expensive'. Honestly curious. "But to be mate, it turns out you know most men feel intimidated by this luxurious-looking woman. Because basically he always did not want to appear weaker in the presence of women, especially women who are his eye. "Afraid of ah with women who are too high-class, fear can not be invited to eat in the street," said Ronald, 23 years old.From Cosmo chats with the men, on average they agree with her classy looks very interesting. Cosmo was argued, women are willing to set aside time and money to perform "better" is a woman who appreciates him, as God's creatures are predetermined to always look beautiful. But of course it is balanced with inner beauty. So Cosmo suggestion, put yourself well wherever you are and always respect others. It will make a woman look more fabulous! (Cosmo / miw)

Source: Cosmopolitan

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