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Sunday, April 22, 2012

the beauty of a woman's hair is very serious indeed

In the case for the beauty of a woman's hair is very serious indeed, many places that make up the hair to make it more interesting to look good both in terms of the order of hair color, even to the hair tambaha like:

Chignon or bun is the original wig and round or oval shaped and taped to the back and top of head.Bun has been known since the days of ancient Egypt, where at the time of Ancient Egyptian women have the habit of hair on his head shaved clean, for the sake of religious events, as well as hygiene considerations. Because the people in Egypt are very concerned about aesthetics, they choose to wear wigs on special occasions, so it still looks beautiful and fascinating.In the era, the bun is not just made of human hair, but also made from animal hair, as well as palm leaf fibers. Bun is generally combined with gold and jewels to show social status in the nobility. In addition, the size and the high bun is also very influential on one's social status, the greater the size of the bun is more expensive, the higher the bun is the higher one's social status.As quoted from sanggulpasarberingharjo.com, at the time of the slaves and religious leaders are prohibited from using a bun, a person's social status at the time of the subtle look."Who would have an idea first put on a bun?"As the changing times, bun is then used not only by the ancient Egyptians only. According to historical records, a sense of French Louis XIII also wear it, the following is also his son, the French king Louis XIV, who made bun increasingly popular and is known throughout the world.Chignon is also worn by our ancestors as a traditional bun. There are many hairpin structure known from various regions. Shape and size vary, decorative dikenakanpun different and has its own meaning. Until now, the bride wore a bun wearing traditional dresses still fit with the culture. However, as the development of the era, modern chignon was also introduced.Own modern chignon diverse forms, in contrast to the beginning of the emergence of bun, bun popular now is not that large, but it is a small and minimalist.

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