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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

why sexs need lubrication

liquid lubrication (grease) that is used during sex affect satisfaction. Lubricants create a more intense pleasure, an intimate relationship at a time can be longer foreplay more fun. To prove it, the site Your Tango, ask the experts about the function of this lubricant. What experts say about the reasons behind the use of lubricants?
* Simplify.
If you experience dry conditions in the vagina, either occur naturally or due to the use of certain drugs, including a condition that occurs close to the menopause, the lubricant is a solution. Lubricants can make sex with this condition, said Dr. Lynn Dorree, clinical psychologist and sex coach.
* Prevent infections.
Charlie Glickman, Ph.D., a sex educator and Education Program Manager for Good Vibrations explain the lubricant that is now available with a variety of flavors make oral sex more enjoyable and much safer. During this practice of oral sex performed using whipped cream or honey, which can cause infection.
Although saliva is often chosen as a natural way to overcome vaginal dryness to reduce pain during penetration, the presence of lubricants give different solutions. Besides the pleasure longer, more safety and comfort into consideration the couple to use lubrication during sex.
Doc, is it safe if I have sex with her husband using vegetable oil as a lubricant? Yet when making love, I often feel sore. I made a vegetable oil lubricant as told by my parents. Actually need a lubricant for sexual intercourse? Is there any kind of lubricant that is safe. Thank you ....
(Dewi, 28, Jakarta)
There is really no reason to use a lubricant during sexual intercourse, especially vegetable oils. If you use it because it did not occur when vaginal intercourse will, certainly not as a way out. If you are aroused, but not having enough vaginal, you experience sexual dysfunction.
Similarly, if perlendiran not happen because you feel passionate when having sexual intercourse. Both sexual dysfunction should be treated according to the cause. It required an evaluation and examination.
With proper treatment, these disorders can be overcome. I suggest you and your husband do not let this disorder lasts longer.
Sources: Your Tango

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