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Saturday, April 21, 2012

when you wake up in the morning you feel like not sleeping

You like all night without sleep, your consciousness despite occasional wakefulness to sleep. As a result, when you wake up in the morning you feel like not sleeping, tired and not fresh. However, before bed, you've done some things that reportedly can help you sleep soundly, like drinking milk and sleeping workoutsebelum. Apparently the cause is a habit that 'he' can help you sleep soundly, but even to make you awake.Drinking milkResearch in the 70s proved that drinking milk before bed can make sleeping more soundly. But quoted from yahoo, that study participants who did use unusual drinking milk before bed. Kevin Morgan of Loughborough University explains, if a person who do not drink beverages such as milk fat, then drink it before bed it will interfere with sleep.Exercise before bedMake the body tired with exercise before bed is said to make you sleep well, but Dr. Sunil Mathews of the Sleep Center at Texas asserted, sports also make body temperature rise that makes you hard to fall asleep.Warm upWhen the cold air, warming themselves with thick blankets, jackets and socks would be comfortable. Be sure not to wear excessive heating due to the warmer temperature of your body, it will be increasingly difficult to sleep. The cool temperatures will actually make you easily fall asleep.Staying in bedA few minutes you still can not close my eyes, come down from the bed and do something relaxing. Stay in bed and tried to close my eyes to make you more difficult to fall asleep. If you could close your eyes, your mind and your consciousness is still active, so when you wake up feeling tired.To bed earlyFor fear of lack of sleep due to insomnia, you went to bed early in hopes of adding the missing hours. It will not help. If you could only sleep for 4 hours, then go to bed early and do not try to sleep again after waking the next four hours. Gradually promote your sleeping hours per week 15 minutes early to extend your sleep time.source: Vemale.com -

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