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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Women with the Perfect Face Without MakeUp

Florence Colgate
People have always tried to be perfect in every way, including in terms of beauty. Where women are not buying into the lure of beauty or beauty care products that promise results "perfect"?

But not so for Florence Colgate, an English-born woman of 18 years who was named the woman with the most perfect face in the UK. It turned out that Florence's face it fits with the "blueprint" face to the ratio between the eyes, mouth, forehead, and chin. The accuracy ratio is 
grace Florence's face as the proportion of women with a flawless face.

Florence who works at a snack shop, successfully competing with 8000 other contestants who also is the title. The contestants are judged without make-up, and if they use any chemical products or have plastic surgery, contestants are eliminated immediately.

Florence is the perfect facial proportions these genes come from his mother, Lisa. Carmen Lefevre, a psychologist from the University of St. Andrews says, beauty is closely related to facial symmetry. "Florence has all the signs of a classic beauty," he said. "She (Florence) have large eyes, high chin bones, full lips, and a perfect complexion."

Lisa (mother of Florence)

Nonetheless, Florence's face is not completely symmetrical on the left and right, but his face was successfully meet the criteria for the percentage of a perfect facial proportions. Pupil is a little under half the width of the face from left to right ear, just 44%. Experts also suggest the distance between the eyes and mouth should be a third less than the total distance of the hairline to the chin. At Florence the distance is just 38.2%. Everything looks so perfect fall on Florence's face.

Florence admitted he rarely wore full make-up and more often wear a moisturizer, a little concealer, and mascara for daily life. He was proud of his accomplishments and hope she does not need to be aware that heavy makeup or plastic surgery to look beautiful.

How about a contest held in Indonesia is also the most perfect face in Indonesia? Because it is perceived in each country is different ... :)

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