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Sunday, April 1, 2012

working on my girlfriend's sister

Reader should read the previous story, "Memories in Bali" so as to follow this story. After the game my love ***** with Evi afternoon, we so often do when there is a chance. Sometimes we make love in the room Evi and sometimes in my room. Evi who were aged 22 years was about the loss of her virginity by her boyfriend while still in high school. He told his girlfriend he was framed for a drink when the 17 th birthday celebration. When he started he brought his girlfriend drunk and was raped at the hotel. Tragically she was raped in turn by two of your friends and girlfriend at the time. Morning after he was conscious at home, and girlfriend as well as between the two companions disappeared somewhere. After graduating high school she decided to study in Bali majoring in hotel and Tourisme. Since the college was in Bali several times he had sex with several of his classmates. Our relationship was just a friend, nothing more, our relationship is based on consensual. Perhaps because my younger age. It's just that I can previlege to her anytime I want. Relationship with Evi Silvi was not known by her brother who was working at a hotel in Jimbaran area. Silvi, not less beautiful with Evi.Keduanya have white skin. Silvi is more adult in nature and also good to chat. Silvi is also beautiful because I used to joke with Evi said he wanted to know if it was associated with Silvi. Evi sometimes laughing and sometimes furious if I say so. Though angry, his anger will go away if Evi kucumu lagi.Seperti well that afternoon, when I just returned to college, I saw Evi rooms open but no one inside. Due to a lonely boarding situation I will go into his room and heard it was in the shower and I will shut the door Evi. I had a week stay in London because it was the final exam. After the door closed, I called Evi are in the bathroom. "Vi, bathing well again? I asked pointedly. No answer from the bathroom. I also went on." Are you angry yah vi?, Well I'm sorry I do not tell you if I want nginep in Denpasar. Today I want to make you satisfied Vi. I'll kiss you, make you happy today. I aka. "Bathing your cat's Vi starts from head to toe." Rayuku. Still no answer from the bathroom. "Vi, remember the first movie we watch it. I'll make you happy today a few times before you feel my dick is Vi. I'll kiss your vagina until you're satisfied menggelinjang and asked that I put my dick". There was a small coughing sound from the bathroom. "Vi, I closed the door and drapes well Vi". I also turn around and close the window curtains that are still open. When the curtains closed, I heard the bathroom door open. I also smiled and cheered in heart. After I closed the curtains, I will turn around. And it turns out, is in the bathroom it is Silvi, sister Evi, who had just finished a shower come out with pink Bathrope and sit on the bed with legs crossed and visible from parts of bathropenya. Manicured white legs, beautiful legs look way down to the thighs are white, toned and sexy very challenging one for caressed. Not to mention the cruciferous Bathrope on his chest a bit down so it looks white chest and her breasts. I guess her bra size is slightly larger than Evi, because I've never touched it. "Evi is to Yogya, he was working for 2 months of practice," said Silvi Bathrope rope while playing it. "So long as these do you like the same make-love ya Evi, and I believe you will not be so as my sister" "Sorry Ma'am, I do not know if that's in Silvi Ma'am "I said as my eyes behold the face of Silvi. Her black hair hung sepundak basah.Dada the white parts that look deep enough. Smooth white thighs and calves are toned up neatly manicured. If you think Silvi be a figure of 8 to 8.5. "Ma'am And if not why?, Baseball wants to kiss you Ma'am, Ma'am create satisfied, memandikucingkan Ma'am, as you said earlier?" Silvi asked tempt me. "I'd love to love Ma'am if aja Ma'am" I replied right away without another thought as she went to bed. For a normal man I would not hold my soul saw a beautiful woman who is almost certainly due to the new out of the shower naked. Not to mention the views of smooth white chest and a very seductive. "You have long Make love with Evi, Ren?" Silvi asked when I sat on his left. I do not answer right away, after sitting next to me smell her scent. "The body was fragrant Ma'am", I said, kissing her neck, white and level. Silvi stretched and sighed as I kissed her neck, my mouth went up and kissed the red lips and a tiny fissure. Silvi was kissing me back to the warmth. Slowly I put my tongue into the mouth cavity and tongue, we were touching each other, it makes Silvi getting warmer. Perlajan my left hand robenya infiltrates into the bath and felt her breasts are supple. While continuing to kiss and wipe gently massaged her breasts alternately. Even more hardened breasts and nipples putingnyapun start naik.Sesekali I play with my hand on hers as he continued. I was changing my position, kurebahkan Silvi body on the bed while continuing to hers and felt her breasts. After the fall Silvi body, my mouth slowly went down to his neck and pulled my hand strap Bathrope it. After the rope regardless bathropenya opened. I stopped kissing her neck for a while to see the body of a woman who would shag a minute, because I've never been without a thread Silvi body sedikitpun.Sungguh beautiful scenery and without the slightest blemish. Her breasts are white and stand against a 36 C with a nipple that has gone up very menggairahkan.Pinggang are slim because of the small stomach. Fine hairs that grow around the crotch looks neat, maybe just a haircut Silvi kemaluannya.Sungguh beautiful views. "Hh" Wheezing Silvi interrupted my thoughts, I was immediately resume my activities that had been stalled due to admire the beauty of her body. Back kulumat Silvi lips while stroking her breasts and my hand slowly down to his stomach. Even down to kiss her neck. Silvi was more audible sigh. My mouth was slowly dropped to her breasts and kissed her breasts with leluasanya. Supple breasts were hardened as I kissed around her breasts. My hand was stroking his stomach went down to her thighs. I accidentally fondled her vagina around Silvi advance to provoke a reaction. When my hand stroking the inner thigh, leg Silvi was docked. Silvi continue kuelus thighs until my hands were slowly drawn by Silvi and directed to the vagina. "Caress dong Ren, I'll feel comfortable Ren Ma'am" he said with a sigh. Silvi already wet pussy lips when kesentuh. Kugesekan Silvi my finger along the genital lips, and Silvi was a sigh. His hands were squeezing my head still on her breasts. "Ahh, keep Ren", hips in line with the more bergyang great feeling getting my hands I put my fingers into cepat.Jari-hole semakn wet pussy. "Ohh so good Ren Ren", sighed Silvi more powerful and faster her hips swaying. My fingers are increasingly free to play in the narrow hallway vagina Silvi. I tried the second input and a sigh and shake my finger Silvi made me even more aroused more and more intense. "Ahh Ren", Silvi also close his legs so that my hands stuck in the folds of the thighs and my fingers still meddle with her pussy Silvi mengobok narrow and wet. Silvi squeeze of the hand on my head grew louder, like he was enjoying the peak Silvi kenikmatannya.Setelah survive long enough Silvi was long trumpeted clasps her hands and feet were loosened. This opportunity is immediately used it as quickly as possible to remove the shirt and pants jeansku. My dick is so tense and uncomfortable because it was still depressed by jeansku pants. After using the CD I lived alone I changed sleeping position Silvi. At first the whole body Silvi was on the bed, now I made just above the hips are there in the bed, while his legs hanging down. With this position I could see the red vagina Silvi and beautiful. Vaginannya wipe occasionally, it still feels wet. I began kissing her vagina. Feel sticky but sweet sekali.Kukira Silvi always keep a regular part of this very feminine. "Ahh Ren, Ren good", racau Silvi. Swaying her hips as my tongue licks along vaginanya.Vagina red pussy getting wetter by the mucus and jilatanku fragrant. Silvi sigh even more intense when I put my tongue into her vagina hole seeds. Evi menggelinjang was great. "Keep Ren," she sighed. My hand was squeezing her ass pulled into the dense breast. Tnagnku moves wringing supple breasts. While my tongue constantly licking her vagina. Pinning his legs and hips oun head moves irregularly. This lasted ten minutes and Silvi was menalami a second orgasm. "Ahh Ren, Ren me out", I felt a warm liquid that comes out of her vagina. Fluid that was kujilat and I spent and I put in my mouth and promptly kissed the lips Silvi is currently open for him to feel the liquid itself. Long we kissed, my cock and slowly positioning is located directly in front of her vagina. While continuing to kiss kugesekkan tip of my cock sticking out my CD into her pussy lips. Silvi's hand which was originally located next move towards my cock and pulled it. His hands were shaking my cock slowly. "Big Ren also got you, long again" says Silvi on the sidelines of our kiss. While still kissing me so hands off CDku Silvi can freely penisku.Setelah five minutes I will shake hands brushed Silvi and swiping my cock with her pussy lips. This position is more comfortable than shaken. Slowly I started to drive my cock into her vagina. As my cock started to go, too little body Silvi terangkat.Terasa very wet but enjoyable. Pussy hole narrower than Evi, or perhaps because of her vagina hole are not familiar with my cock. "Ahh Rensha .. So unfortunately, very good dear" Racaunya when my cock back and forth. Silvi was the wild hips swaying movements offset. I will continue kissing the back of his neck. "Ahh .." she sighed getting into. I also increasingly eager to continue pumping. The faster movements sooner Silvi.Kaki Silvi swaying hips are hanging down moves around my waist. I also changed my position so throughout our body in the bed. After all there are bodies on the bed, I will drop the chest above the breasts were large and kenyalnya.Tanganku moving his hips back and squeezed her ass is padat.Goyangan Silvi was deepened by the squeeze of my hand on her butt. Meanwhile, my hips were constantly moving back and forth quickly and swaying hips of the wild Silvi. "You're great .. Ren Ren Ren .. .. Keep your penis big and long hard Ren Ren .. Keep Rocking .. faster Ren .." so racau Silvi between pleasures. I was moving my hips faster. Slvi vagina is much better than her sister Evi. Narrower so that my cock was enjoying being in the vagina. Silvi wobble which grew wild, irregular sighs made me even more eager and speed movements. "Ma'am I'm going out Ma'am" I said. "In Ren wrote let bad" Silvi sighed as he holds his hand up my ass like he did not want my dick out of her vagina at all. "Ahh" I sighed as I spewed all cairanku holes into her womb. Silvi's hand hit my ass as he pushed his hips upward, as if he still wants to add more, his eyes were closed. I kissed her lips Silvi. With the position I was still on it and my cock still inside her vagina. Silvi eyes open, he kissed my lips long enough. Her body was wet with sweat and sweat. "You're a great Ren, I've never been as satisfied as before," said Silvi. "Ma'am great too, Ma'am narrow vagina, sticky and fragrant again." I said. "It's baseball Evi vagina" she smiled as she wiggled her hips. "Ma'am had a little more narrow than the Evi" I said, moving my cock still embedded in it. Silvi apparently still want to continue anymore I think. "Your penis is still hard Ren?" Silvi asked, rolling her hips. "Yes, Ma'am still want more?" I asked, "Would you like the above but yes Ma'am," said Silvi. "Remove the first Ren" Once revoked, Silvi moves his mouth and kissed my cock, suck my dick first Silvi while giving her pussy to me. Re-warming with 69 positions. Sigh, sigh Silvi, fragrant vagina Silvi Evi make me forget the time being. Since that day until five o'clock the next morning I made love with Silvi, who knows how many times we orgasm. And it was held almost every night for Evi has not returned from the practice of acts in Yogya for 2 months. As long as I thought there was no Kucumbu Evi just her sister. END

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