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Monday, April 16, 2012

the top 10 sexiest athletes

You probably should not believe in the name of Maria Sharapova is not in the top 10 sexiest athletes bleacherreport.com. However, you must believe that the 10 sexiest athletes of this site, which was released on January 18, 2012 is quite valid. Not only reliable sports affairs, these athletes will fascinate anyone who saw the beauty of their bodies.
10. Tania Archer (Atletik)
His name may not be well known among a series of other gorgeous athletes. Lips sensual and exotic skin is value to this sprinter. In addition, Tania is also quite intelligent, far from the shadow of an athlete's most beautiful sport. The words of the famous pearl is, "Differences dream and goal is to pursue it."

9. Stacy Keibler (Wrestling)
Former WWE wrestler in it have legs of locusts that would make the alien subject though. In fact, in his prime as a wrestler, Stacy Keibler always satisfy the audience. Each of the ring, he would stop and spend a little menunggingkan before his feet on the ropes so that most people would hold my breath, hoping the movement will stop forever. The face of affairs, we may not be able to say who is more beautiful than Keibler.

8. Ana Ivanovic (Tennis)
The Serb is already won 11 WTA titles. Now, at age 24 years, he also can develop a career in the modeling world. FHM, Cosmopolitan, Sports Illustrated, a magazine that is already experiencing the benefits doubled thanks to displaying her sexy body as a cover.

7. Lauryn Eagle (Boxing)
With brown hair and sensual gaze, Lauryn Eagle may seek employment in addition to exercise first, a professional boxer. And, this is done Eagle. Once busy with the affairs of a fistfight, he appeared in his eyes spoil sport, lingerie football.

6. Kim Glass (Volleyball)
Kimberly Marie Glass, born in 1984 has an athletic body and exotic skin. He became one of the icons is important when the United States won the silver medal at the Beijing Olympics.

5. Leryn Franco (Atletik)
Leryn Franco was runner-up Miss Universo Paraguay 2006. Javelin athletes are more famous for its beauty rather than achievement. In terms of position on bleacherreport, Leryn Franco has decreased. In 2010, he was named as the sexiest universal. But now he must mentally in fifth.

4. Shanelle Loraine (Billiards)
Cue is often regarded as a negative exercise. Similarly, for the women if the husband or boyfriend saw Shanelle Loraine. This Japanese-born women have a body that would make any man turn to hesitate.
3. Malia Jones (Surfing)
Malia Jones, who had a three-headed woman, but still acknowledged her sexuality. He has appeared in various magazines world-famous. Call it the Esquire and Sports Illustrated. A unique, Malia Jones is also an expert consultant for the film Lilo & Stich.

2. Niki Gudex (Cycling)
Niki Gudex is born in 1978 was already quite old. However, this mountain bike rider is not less beautiful than their counterparts that are far below his age. Include them in the list of FHM 100 sexiest women in the fifth year in a row since 2002. Interestingly, Gudex has a second job outside of sports, namely the model and graphic designer.

1. Alana Blanchard (Surfing)
Undeniable, Alana Blanchard deserved crowned sexiest athlete. Powered blond hair and a face that could not compete with the Miss Universe though, Alana Blanchard has everything to subdue him. Performance issues, women born in 1990 was ranked first in five surfing competitions held throughout 2007.


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