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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

wanted a kitchen knife durable

  If you want your kitchen knives are always durable and can facilitate the process of cooking in the kitchen, do not have to believe in the three myths below!

A. All Alas Cut / Telenan Same

This is wrong. Differences in the use of cutting mat will affect the durability and sharpness of your knives. The use of such wood cutting board, bamboo, plastic is a good option to keep a sharp knife. While a glass cutting mat, metal, stone and ceramic blade will accelerate the damage.

2. Wash the knife in issue is not Dishwashing Equipment

Do not ever use it. Inserting a knife into the dishwasher will only damage the surface of the cutlery and cooking utensils you. In addition, the knives in the dishwasher appliance could potentially injure your hand while taking tool that has been washed. Therefore, wash manually for safety equipment and your hands.

3. Expensive knives from Knife Offers Better

This assumption is not always true. Sharp knife is always better than a dull knife, regardless of any price. Whatever expensive knife you buy, if you do not take care of him and rarely good at sharpening, the blade is not going to work best and can hurt your fingers. Therefore, always sharpening knives regularly and put in storage in a special wooden box knife. (VEM / WSW

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