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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Make love not only satisfaction you can get from your partner


Make love not only satisfaction you can get from your partner. You can also "act" to satisfy myself. 11 Consider these facts about solo sex.A. Solo sex with masturbation.Solo sex is how to achieve the satisfaction of having sex without a partner. Many regard as deviant sexual behavior. In fact, according to Dr. Deidre in the Sun, this is a normal thing that is often experienced by women and men. It's just that some women are reluctant to talk about or do so because of embarrassment or fear.2. Many ways in which to masturbate.Using fingers and vibrators are the most widely used method of women masturbating. The results of a survey conducted by Debby Herbenick, director of the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University on 2056 women aged 18-60 years stated, more than 50 percent of respondents use vibrators, some use a finger, and some are using the end of a toothbrush, a comb to handle hair. Even so, some other experts worry about the occurrence of infection due to the selection and use of tools that are not hygienic and safe.3. Use a normal vibrator.Masturbation with a vibrator is normal with only occasional records do. According Psychoanalyst Dr. Frank Sommers, overuse of a vibrator can cause side effects, one of which makes you immune to a given stimulus pair. Other words, the vibrator is considered more satisfactory than Mr. P.4. Positive effects on health.Carried the ball the right way, solo masturbation or sex was a positive impact on health. That is able to improve mood, reduce stress and make sleep more soundly. As expressed Kathleen Segraves, sex therapist from Ohio MetroHealth Medical Center, solo sex makes us more focused with his own satisfaction than keep thinking about the couple satisfaction.5. Suggested by some experts.For women who have difficulty reaching orgasm during sex with their partner, some experts suggest to perform solo sex for the sake of a better sex life. As reported by the Journal of Sexual Medicine, vibrator can help women increase passion, improve vaginal lubrication, and reduce the pain often experienced during intercourse.6. Can reduce pain.Masturbation can reduce abdominal pain during menstruation and PMS a bad mood now, such as feeling like a temper tantrum until bad mood. On the other hand, many believe that masturbation can cause migraines. But some experts believe, orgasm (either through sex solo or with a partner) can relieve the pain of migraine or headache.7. Use saliva harmful.The team of researchers from the University of Michigan said the use of saliva as a lubricant during sex solo with a finger (finger moistened with saliva before being inserted into the vagina) at high risk for fungal infections. The reason this could upset the balance of bacteria in the mouth of the uterus. Instead, make sure your finger is clean, no part of the sharp nails, and use a lubricant for their safety.8. A movie can trigger an orgasm.Masturbation can be accomplished without touching it yourself or use a walker. That the results of a study conducted several researchers from Rutgers University. After asking the respondents to imagine the scene to achieve satisfaction with your partner, or watching a movie that could lead to stimulation by using MRI, the scans showed that their brains function the same as when an orgasm with their partner.9. Trigger acne.Masturbation can be a trigger of acne for some women. The results of a study conducted by researchers from the University Clinic Essen Germany, showed sexual stimulation can increase the production of the hormone testosterone that can trigger acne.10. Damage the hymen.For those who have never had sexual intercourse before, solo sex with penetration risk tearing the hymen. However, the flexibility of each women's hymen is different, from which is easily torn up very flexible.11. Since the ancient Romans.That said, solo sex is believed to have existed since ancient Roman times as Ophidicism. Ie, masturbation is done by some women to enter the tail of a snake or an eel into the vagina, and achieve the satisfaction of the tail that moves. This method can cause death in addition to being a form of sexual perversion.(Ayunda Pininta Love)


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