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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ageless secret celebrity under this age is over 40 years

Celebrity-celebrity under this age is over 40 years, and some have been more than 60 years, yet their skin stays smooth and fast even without plastic surgery. What's their secret? Check out the gallery below. 

Cindy Crawford, born in 1966
The former supermodel is already blessed with a beautiful face and skin healthy from birth. But he had one trick to make the face look younger. "Color your hair the right color. You can perform plastic surgery, but that makes the face look young is actually the color of your hair," he said. Yes ... at least to cover gray hair, deh.

Cindy Crawford
Demi Moore, born in 1962
"No matter what time I got home, I never missed a routine cleaning and wear facial moisturizer. Skin is cleansed and moisturized regularly usually do not need much make-up to cover her face during the day," said Demi Moore

Demi Moore
Helen Mirren, born in 1945
Good news for you who like to sleep. Actress Helen Mirren believes that her skin is still tight and damp is a blessing he is always timely and adequate sleep. "The older age, more and more important benefit of sleep for the skin," he said. He also compensate by exercising at least 15 minutes every day 

Helen Mirren
Meryl Streep, born 1949
Meryl Streep ageless recipe only three: (1) away from sunlight, (2) avoid alcohol, (3) do peeling (exfoliation) of two weeks. 

Meryl Streep
Halle Berry, born in 1966
Just like Meryl Streep, Halle Berry also regularly perform peeling (exfoliation) to remove dead skin cells. But he had one other trick, which is applying pure vitamin C to the face before applying moisturizer. 

Halle Berry

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