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Thursday, May 10, 2012

The number of women who do not feel confident


The number of women who do not feel confident with the size of her breasts growing. According to data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, nearly 300,000 women in America do breast enlargement in 2010.In Indonesia, although the numbers are small but growing interest in plastic surgery. Even in a private hospital in Tangerang, berminta patients undergoing plastic surgery, including breast implants, have to wait up to two months.Phenomenon indicates that Indonesia is not taboo anymore to make a short cut through the operating table, including breast implants filled to achieve beauty.For the layman, it may be difficult to distinguish where the natural breast that has been coupled with silicon. But according to the plastic surgeon Norman Rowe, there are five major characteristics to identify the added breast implants.A. The distance is too closeMost of the female breast is about 7 cm. But with the addition of an implant distance was reduced a lot. "When the doctor put an implant, usually they are put too close together so the result will be seen docked in the middle," said Rowe.2. ExorbitantThe most obvious characteristic of the other is if your breasts look too high to the chest. Normal is parallel to the axillary breast.3. Looks like a watermelon"Breast is natural to have a form such as papaya or avocado, but if it looks like a round or large melon such as watermelon breasts is a sign that is not authentic," he said. Unlike the original breast will naturally fill the bottom, silicone implants are usually placed slightly above so perfectly round in shape.4. No scar visiblePlastic surgeon at umumnnya take four points to insert the implant into the breast and it will leave a scar. Incision can be seen at the bottom of the breast, near the nipple, near the armpit, or on the navel.5. There was the soundYou need a super-sensitive ears or the room is very quiet to hear him. Women who perform breast augmentation using saline implants sometimes produce sound when they move. "If the implant can not fill all the air bags will occasionally arise that can produce sound," he said.

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