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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Excessive exercise can affect a person's

Excessive exercise can affect a person's production of reproductive hormones
Communities in large cities are now more conscious to maintain health through exercise. Just look at fitness centers, which are always filled by the office. Besides taking classes in groups, they also practice individually with the guidance of personal trainer. Having six pack abs Hollywood star style for men is no longer just wishful thinking!

"Quite often there are as addicted to gym, and can do it at least twice a day, morning and afternoon," said Riani Susanto, ND, a naturopathic detoxification and, when the talk show "Healthy Living with Style" in Metro Pondok Indah Mall, South Jakarta, Thursday (05/03/2012) then.

In addition to the frequency of excessive exercise, but many also of those who exercised for too long, for example, for two hours or more. Their hope, of course, that the results are quickly visible. Rather than be lean and muscular body is formed, the frequency of sex you and your partner would be affected. What's the story?

Extreme and excessive sports by Riani would interfere with your enjoyment and your sex life, because it will affect the production of male and female hormones. When a man is too tired to exercise, their testosterone production will decrease. Whereas in women, too tired to exercise would result in a bit of estrogen production.

Well, this is a reduction in the production of reproductive hormones that will result in a decrease in sex drive us. "In addition, the tiredness will also make a person reluctant to have sex," he added.

For that Riani recommends to limit as much exercise once a day for one hour only. Preferably, in one hour you have been involved for 40 minutes of cardio exercise, and rest for strength training. For example, using dumbbell weights.

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