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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Establish Sixpack Stomach For Women


Not only men, many women who are struggling to get a sixpack stomach to enhance their appearance. Have a sixpack stomach can be a form of self-image that will make the owner more confident in looking. Not only that, have a sixpack stomach also makes your body more healthy and look beautiful.

Well, if you do not know how to get a sixpack stomach, here are three tips for you.

Your first task is to get a sixpack stomach to reduce fat in your belly or keep your stomach remain in the state average. The trick is to keep your diet. You certainly do not want to accumulation of fat in your stomach rise as likely to consume processed foods and junk food. This method is not easy, but many of the women who began to familiarize themselves with running a low-calorie diet high protein meal 5-6 times a day to boost metabolism and increase their calorie burn.

The second step you have to do is do the exercises. Exercise the right to increase the body's fat burning cardio exercises, including jogging, swimming, and cycling for 30 minutes 3-5 times a week. This method will help you to quickly get a six pack stomach.

The last step you need to do is train your abdominal muscles. Sixpack muscles found in your stomach should be well trained to be able to grow and develop. There are some good exercises to enhance the development of your six pack muscles like crunches, leg raises, oblique side bending, and much more.

These three tips will feel heavy at first. But with patience you have, you will begin to get the maximum success to get your six pack stomach. (df / yel)
4 Ways to Exercise Right to Get Sixpack Stomach


There are several things you need to understand when to train your abdominal muscles to form a sixpack stomach, are as follows:Match between the muscles and the mindConcentration in the exercise are factors that you should look. When practicing, you may have to focus on other things you will do after practice, so that makes you daydream. This is what will disrupt the pattern of exercise and the seriousness of your practice.Exercise should be done in a matter and a certain set. If you are doing is daydreaming and lost concentration then, you can not do it with a perfect count of having an adverse effect maximal formation of your sixpack stomach.IntensityAbdominal muscles are small muscles that require a long recovery time so that it can not be trained more often, though by no means trained every day for six pack stomach more quickly obtained. Increase your workout intensity between 3-6 sets for each muscle belly top and bottom. It is enough to stimulate the abdominal muscles to develop properly.For reps, do as much as possible with good movement. When the abs, the quality of motion gives better results than the quantity. If we can do 20 reps in one set and therefore feel the stomach gets hot, then we have been doing the exercises properly.Variations of movementAnother thing you need to consider in your abdominal muscles are variations. If you do the exercises with movements that remain within a few months, then your stomach will experience burnout. Variations do other movements that still allows your abdominal muscles are well trained.Help from friendsLastly, if you want to get a sixpack stomach, increase the menu of your workout with an exercise ball can help train your abdominal muscles. For example, ask your friend to stand in front of you, tell him to throw the ball to exercise your right and left side alternately. You have to do is, catch the ball when right is on your side with both hands, with the position of the body and keep your feet facing forward.For better results, do the above tips carefully. Understand the basics first movement before doing abdominal exercises to avoid injury. Focus your mind at the time of exercise to achieve your best six pack stomach. (Df / bee)
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