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Saturday, May 5, 2012

generation of women in the workplace

Generation Y increasingly entering the workforce. Millennials are a human resources company that in fact it is needed. Generation Y has a different character to the X generation especially the baby boomer generation. The company also needs to make adjustments to change, because the working world was also changing."Generation Y has been entered into the world of work, there should be any adjustment of the company. Companies should facilitate. World is changing, companies also need this Y generation," said Yulia Yasmina, Senior Director of Lead Management Consulting Accenture Indonesia, told Reuters on the sidelines of a seminar Female resource humans in Jakarta, some time ago.According to Yulia, companies need to make adjustments in the workforce if it wants its human resources, the Y generation, contribute the maximum. Even so, it does not mean the company only concentrates on generation Y alone, and another generation forgotten.Only, he added, this Y generation do need proper treatment because of the character and the way they worked was not the same as the previous generation.Yulia says, generation Y has multitasking capabilities, competitive, and tend to rely on technology in the works. "They can work with gadgetnya own, and to balance work with personal life are important to them. They are technology savvy and able to do the work rely on technology," he explained.Generation Y also requires the trust of management flexibility. Technology and gadgets that have become good friends and even co-workers, making it more Millennials need keleluasan work where and at any time, to do various tasks assigned supervisor."They can work from home, from cafes, world of generation Y do not have to work at the office. Give the task, and it will work anywhere as long as it is completed on time. Generation Y takes the time to also have fun, but to work," he continued.Millennials character is what the company should be able to be accommodated, if you do not want to lose potential labor force. According to Yulia, generation Y has a lot of potential and advantages that can contribute to the company. Especially the way they work and spirit."Admit it success, given in recognition of his work, just to say 'good job' for example, they will be more enthusiastic in their work and ready to receive the next assignment from his boss," Yulia advice.Marta Jonathan, Human Resources Director of PT Microsoft Indonesia recognizes the importance of accommodating this Y generation. But for him, worked in the corporate culture, including in addressing the needs of Generation Y should be adjusted to also consider the company's market segments."Culture as reference instead of what is required but rather the generation market segments. We are engaged in the information technology industry, so we adjust to the market segments that are mostly generation and generation Y. Company Y does have a closeness. More than 70 percent of employees at Microsoft also belong to the generation Y, so that culture is finally adjusting to work, "explains Marta on the same occasion.Felksibilitas Y generation needs is not simply related to the work. For Marta, management companies also need to understand how to manage employees with flexible principles of style."Do not judge young people by saying it is not polite to wear jeans to the office. For a generation of baby boomers or the generation X, casual style with jeans may be rude, but not so for generations Y. Management needs more flexibility in managing multiple generations working in the company . In order to receive generation X generation Y and generation X generation Y can understand, "he explained.According to Marta, generation Y have more choices. If they are not accommodated, dissatisfaction at work can occur and do not be surprised if they become so fleas.To bring the love and loyalty to the job, the company should be able to accommodate the different needs of human resources. One way, by providing a feeling of comfort and acceptable for human resources across generations, particularly generation Y."Feeling accepted in the workplace is very important, to bring the love of the job," he said.source: KOMPAS.com -

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