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Saturday, May 5, 2012

women aged over 40 years tend to be dating men who are younger and fitter

Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend at this time, Casper Smart.
I do not know whether the women now catch the celebrities. To be sure, women aged over 40 years tend to be dating men who are younger and fitter. Some examples of celebrities who have a relationship with "young leaf" you probably know, like Madonna (53) is dating Brahim Zaibat (25), Jennifer Lopez (43) and Casper Smart (25), and Demi Moore (49) and Ashton Kutcher (34), although the couple eventually divorced.As these celebrities, one third of British women admitted that they did not hesitate to dating men "popcorn". However, they do not intend just having fun. Four of the 10 British women surveyed by PARSHIP matchmaking sites claim they are seeking romance, love that last a long time, even wanted to marry their lovers are much younger. As many as 44 percent of women want a relationship established and secure, while 13 percent just want to start a new relationship after a breakup of lovers past.The poll involving 4,500 women showed that women's singles at the age of 40 and an 50-targeting a younger man five years or more. In 2005, similar research revealed that only 8 percent of women who would consider a younger man as a partner.Of PARSHIP survey, revealed that women age 40-an (approximately 20 percent of 6 million single people who visit this site every month) apparently captivated by the young men. While 18 percent of single men under the age of 40 years said that they actively seek out women who are older and attractive."Dating a much younger man was now more acceptable. Likely this is due to the media continues to report the age of celebrity relationships within, or likely due to the growth of internet dating where people realize that if they are more flexible in the search criteria, including age, they have more potential match, "says psychiatrist and relationship expert Dr Victoria Lukats.According to him, dating via internet is also encouraging people to focus on what really matters in relationships. For many women, their priority is to find a partner without being dependent on age. And, not only women age of 40 who are interested in dating younger men. Women in their 30s who was originally looking for older men to marry too, are now able to accept this new trend.Here is the complete data PARSHIP survey:Age Women who want to date a younger man
20's 2 percent
30-an 17 percent
40-an 31 percent
50-an 38 percent
60-an 36 percentMen age who want to date older women
20-an 20 percent
30-an 22 percent
40-an 13 percent
50-an 13 percent
60-an 8 percent
Source: The Daily Mail

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