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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Women Employees Generation Millennials

The term was first called the millennial by author William Strauss and Neil Home in his book Generations: The History of America's Future, 1584 to 2069, published in 1991. The term millennial generation Y be a substitute for the term of this generation do not want to be associated with the generation of X (the previous generation, born 1960-1980). These authors later published a book Millennials Rising: The Next Generations (2000). Strauss and Home refer to those born from 1982-2001, and especially the pass SMS in the 2000s, as the millennial generation.Well, there are several myths about this Y generation. Because of relaxed, always fun to use smartphone looks to establish communication, many of them think this generation is not serious work. In fact, some expert human resources advice, what looks from the outside does not reflect her true self.A. Do not have a work ethic.Fact: millennial work ethic centered on himself. May often be found to the type of employees who do not care about the environment around it. In fact, while "being in the world", he was working on the task through to completion. When faced with the work, brains, hearts and hands, is dedicated to the job. So instead of talking is not a class, he chose to listen to music through earphones or headphones.2. Like to have fun.Fact: This generation considers the work is "something must be done on the sidelines of the weekend". So, work is just a sequence of activities under the activity fun. This is why, many millennial employees who did not pursue the position. Most of this generation to work for the money that could be used for fun.If you are the generation Y, to motivate the work, get used to have a goal of what you want in the short, medium and long term. Give yourself rewards when successfully working on a task, for example, reward yourself with a holiday in the place you want.3. Live only for today.Fact: This generation considers time as foreign exchange rates. Unlike the baby boomers (1946 - 1964) who consider the investment of time, millennial young live only for today. Millennials must complete the assigned task, but once completed will leave the affairs of work and do other things to enjoy life. He really knows how to balance work, friends, boyfriends, and fun events. So do not exist in his dictionary, the term "job killing".Interestingly, people do not bother millinneal what will happen later. The important thing is working fine before, if tomorrow was still none the less, it just stayed fixed, wrong right?4. No disrespect to his superiors or authority.Fact: Who says? millennial employees have respect for superiors. The millennial did not like the convoluted bureaucracy. But that does not mean he does not respect the supervisors and managers. Only, he considered supervisors and managers as a friend. For him, respect and fidelity, should be sought, not by authority or hierarchy. If the millennial respect for superiors, then he would have dealt faithfully.5. Childish.Fact: The millennial not know how to be adults. Most of this generation were raised by parents who are busy, which gives the material except for the time. Therefore, no wonder when the millennial sometimes act like a child. However, that does not mean this attitude can not be removed. Can, if you want. The millennial need frequent discussions with the supervisor or senior colleague. That way, they can learn firsthand how to behave and act mature.(Chic Magazine / Erika Paula)

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