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Saturday, May 5, 2012

improve a child's brain. In fact

No toys are educational in itself
Toys can indeed help stimulate brain development in children. Unfortunately, today many emerging variety of food that is claimed to be educational and help improve a child's brain. In fact, although claimed as educational toys, is not actually a toy that can educate themselves, according to Shihab Najeela education practitioners. In addition, essentially all the toys can help stimulate a child's brain.Najeela revealed, educational toys that are labeled not necessarily stimulate the child by itself, but still requires assistance from parents. So arguably, that can stimulate a child's brain is all kinds of games that fit the child's age."Even though it arguably instructive but if there was no assistance from the parents still can not stimulate its full potential," said Najeela, while talk show that was held at the 2012 Breastfeeding Fair in Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, some time ago.When giving toys to children, it could still interact with your child. Because according to Najeela, many parents are just giving toys to the children and let them busy themselves with toys. With parenting like this, stimulation of the child will not run properly."Parents should accompany, to simply provide a question or explain the types of games on children. Anyway the most important must have assistance from their parents even if only briefly," he said. The process of education of parents is what makes a toy educational toys for children.Assistance from the parent process will make the children able to stimulate the imagination in play, and help cognitive development. Mentoring process should not be done as long as they play, but only a few minutes when they first started playing it. Once children understand how to play and have fun with toys, you can continue your own activities."It's just that the child should still be supervised, in order to avoid things that are not desirable," he added.Giving toys to the supervision of parents would be able to stimulate a child's brain in order to get more leverage, dibandinkan by just letting them watch television.source: KOMPAS.com

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