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Friday, May 11, 2012

Ways to Overcome Blackheads

 Vemale.com - When we were growing up, blackheads become one of the faithful accompany periods of maturation itself. Small black spots on his nose into a frustrating problem, although its size is only one point, but the numbers are a lot of make noses look dirty and seem to be unable to properly care for personal hygiene. Blackheads are close to teenagers because they tend to be more oily skin. I wish .. as an adult, comedones that by itself, but it turns out .. he remained loyal to accompany.Formation of blackheadsWhat's wrong with black spots that often appear? Actually blackheads because the pores on the nose has a wide opening, so that often the 'hole' is filled with 'junk skin', such as sebum (natural oils produced skin) and dead skin cells. That's the garbage that eventually clog pores so it undergoes a chemical reaction to form oxidative and black dots are often called blackheads. Assumption which states that the blackheads appear because the skin is dirty because of dust is not quite correct. The more oily the person's nose, the more likely to have blackheads.Powerful Ways to Overcome BlackheadsWash your face-If you are sleeping with his face still wearing makeup or oily facial scars with activities all day, so do not be surprised if your nose full of blackheads. Lazy to wash your face will make the oil and dead skin cells growing to meet the pore blockage of the nose that made the cause of blackheads. You can take reasonable precautions to clean blackheads on the nose with a facial foam that contains salicylic acid. The material is able to clean clogged pores better than other types of facial cleansers.Scrub / Exfoliating Scrub the surface of the nasal skin with a scrub or exfoliator ingredient can clean the dead skin cells on the outer portion of your skin. Exfoliation is done with a scrub or exfoliating will give the appearance of skin with a smoother texture. Try to gently rub the surface of your nose gently, so that excess oil and impurities that are not lifted by the milk foam facial cleanser or can be raised.Wearing Pore Pack - If you've done the cleaning and the prevention of blackheads but the black rascal persists, then how to get rid of it is to pick it up. Forget the idea to squeeze the blackheads to the surface of the nose to get out, how it can make the nose red, irritated and feels sick. It would be better if you use special tape to remove blackheads. Use of plaster is very easy and stay wet the nose, put a plaster and then wait for 15-20 minutes to remove the plaster. Stubborn blackheads will stick to the plaster. But remember, the use of plaster should not be too often because it can cause skin irritation. Just once a week.(VEM / yel)

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