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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

type of kiss that man from woman

These four types of kissing the most favored man.
Have you ever asked your partner, kiss like what you enjoyed most? Does it seem from the expression? Although the long-married, many couples are not only enjoying a kiss on the lips, but also on the forehead, cheeks, or neck, depending on the atmosphere. To be sure, the kiss will be more tempting when performed on a sensitive point. But what's a kiss like that favored by men?A. Kiss while sucking lipsThis advantage has thick lips, because lips you or your spouse becomes totally kissable. Kiss while sucking the upper lip or lower lip is usually done to stimulate you. A kiss like this to be a sign that this guy is a great kisser, love and adventure await more powerful. "The best technique is to suck the little lips very lightly. Put it this way is enough to provoke a reaction more than a couple," says Johan (not her real name).2. Kiss in the middle of sexWhich occurred in mid-kiss sex may be tantamount to giving more stimulation during sex. But what makes a man happy with this type of kiss? Sonny (not her real name), who works as a bartender, said that adding a warm kiss during sex is one of the "seasoning" the most fun, and make sex more light."A kiss is hot can increase the excitement, because basically we combine one of the most classic and romantic action during sex. It also makes the couple feel comfortable," he said.3. Simple kissA simple kiss, or rather a kiss, can be done quickly on the lips, cheeks, or on the go. Kiss kiss is better categorized as a flash, but still full of meaning and a sign of affection with no load. "I like it when I kiss my wife anytime. Just a simple kiss, but every time he kissed me, I could smell his body, making me feel loved. That would also make me always smiling," said Andrew (not his real name) .4. French kissHere it is, the classic style of French kissing involves the tongue. A kiss may seem very sensual, and afterwards you'll never stop. If done with eyes closed, and another that integrates body, the sensations are certainly capable of stimulating both of you. French kiss the most preferred by men, because basically he was like kissing a "wet". In addition, the course also showed a surge of desire for her partner.
Sources: Your Tango

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