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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pop star Katy Perry is not only known

       Katy Perry. (Photo by Chris Jackson / GettyImages) Pop star Katy Perry is not only known for her hits songs. Women's real name Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson was also admired a lot of people, men and women, because the milk-white skin look soft and we need even without touching it.

What's the secret?

Actually not be called a secret, because in every interview with the media, Katy never hesitated to share her beauty care ritual. Here are some of the summary:

A. Start early
Katy Perry's smooth white skin does not come from so suddenly famous singer. Even as a teenager was, Katy had been maintaining the beauty of the skin with standard treatments such as washing your face morning and before bed, put on moisturizer in the morning, and night cream. Skin care does not need complicated or expensive, just the standard but done routinely as early as possible.

2. Moisturizer containing green tea
According to Katy, which makes the skin is white always looks moist and chewy. In addition, a moisturizer that contains green tea also helps Katy acne usually appears when she was sleep deprived.

3. Cosmetics that contain sun screen
Sun screen is mandatory to keep the weapon in order to keep whites bright and healthy. But Katy Perry was actually rarely use sun screen creams. "All kosmetikku already contains sun screen. After all, I tend to avoid the sun, and while on tour whenever I chose silence in the room rather than walk out. I'm like a vampire," he said.

4. spray fresheners
Available in cosmetics stores in spray bottle, spray it is not only refreshing a tired face, but also moisturize the skin. Katy Perry always carry this spray in her bag. "It helps when I'm dala long flight on a plane," said Katy.

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