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Friday, May 11, 2012

Founder and leader of the Career

vemale.com -Founder and leader of the Career Thoughts website, Kevin Spence, outlining ten jobs suitable for those traveling as reported BusinessNewsDaily hobbyist. You can pick this job if it does not want to shut up in the same office for years. Traveling plus adds account balance .. who can resist?First, the field technician. When a customer needs help installation or repair of a product, companies often send a field technician to the customer's home. It also applies to companies that serve international assistance.Second, the auditor. Career as an auditor because the auditor's potentially a lot of traveling often spent weeks at a given location.Third, the exploration geologist. This job requires a person to explore the areas 'unpopular' or remote and traveling in many months.Fourth, the consultant. The consultants are often traveling even to other parts of the world because they have specialized knowledge and client locations spread across the country as well.Fifth, the archaeologist. This profession has indeed been known to travel for this work reveals the artifacts of ancient relics that are often located in remote areas.Sixth, a public servant. In the United States, employment as a public servant allow someone to travel with work in the offices of U.S. embassies in various parts of the world.Seventh, the recruitment of athletes. Generally, recruiters athletes employed by the colleges and professional sports organizations to find the best candidates across the country. This work is well suited for people who love sports.Eighth, the English teacher. The reason this work can lead a person must travel to all countries because of the use of English as an international language.Ninth, traveling nurse. This job requires a person traveling to areas in the country to help someone else, either in short or long.Finally, an ocean (oceanographer). In contrast to previous work that travel ninth inland marine experts, as the name suggests, traveling in all regions of the ocean better to take samples or observations although occasionally they have to go back to the laboratory to examine the samples.Thus, where a suitable job for you?(Ant / yel)

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