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Friday, May 11, 2012

lately more and more frequently via telephone interviews

Constrained distance and time, lately more and more frequently via telephone interviews conducted by the companies that recruit employees. Interview face-to-face course different from the phone. You can not see penginterview, so anything with you can not be viewed directly by them. But this does not mean you can more freely in the interview and all the more easier. There are some things that - although not seen directly - it can be known by the interviewer from what you do when you receive such calls.To that end, here are ten things you should not do during a telephone interview.A. Drinking, eating or chewing something karet.Jika about wet my throat is dry from nervousness in the interview, ask for permission.2. Bored, tired or heard people do not tertarik.Beberapa cold and aloof personality, but the interview via telephone, try to sound interesting and interested.3. Sok akrab.Tidak looked directly at the speaker, it may make you more confident and therefore accustomed to talking on the phone, you become familiar with the interviewer pretentious. Huge mistake, Ladies!4. Your attention distracted. 'Oh, sorry, my colleagues ask an important letter. Can be repeated, sir? ' Wew .. seemed polite, but it shows you do not see the interview is important.5. Talk about it pribadi.Mengambangkan conversations and show you extensive insight is a positive thing, but limit the field and the job you're applying it. No need to talk about politics and other things outside of your work, especially when not asked!"There are some things that - although not seen directly - it can be known by the interviewer."6. Large walk-jalan.Kemungkinan you'll Calling on your cell phone, make sure you are in a place with strong and do not be walking around doing interviews so that your signal is not interrupted.7. Talk about yourself in the third person. "My boss told me, he (my own) is actually good at marketing and have good conversational skills. ' The way to tell yourself this is often done, and people do not realize this was wrong. One, because it shows you are not confident that should tell yourself on 'words' of others.8. CV can not tell Anda.Telepon content sometimes comes across the wrong time, you do not bring the CV. When asked about the quality management certificate that you attach to your CV, eh .. You yourself do not even remember ever following the seminar. Fatal error!9. Do not know anything about dilamar.Hampir work with point number 8, you're far away from the computer and the data you need. Still, the interview questions to be answered, so, prepare yourself with the best.10. Talk negative things about your company now. Remember, the interview process is a new beginning and it does not mean you will definitely move to the new workplace. So hold yourself to tell me negative things about your work now. Moreover, unethical not to spit ugliness to move to a better.(VEM / miw)

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