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Friday, May 11, 2012

Geisha straight bangs ala Momo

Geisha straight bangs ala Momo is very tempting to emulate. Not just another trend, fringe does have a 'function' specific to your overall appearance. Bak magic, adding bangs to your face can change the overall impression of the display.Bangs make you look much younger. Straight bangs are too short to make you look edgy, while the bangs are too thick also give edgy look that tends to be very oriental or childish. Who deserves what bangs and bangs advantages and disadvantages? Here is the answer.Bangs it for ...The hair on the front of the forehead is often called the best bangs fall on those broad forehead, straight and soft hair. Also affect the thickness of the hair, the best is a thick hair on top but soft; for thick hair that tends to big bangs and rough will make it difficult to manage.Pro: Poni create the look of glamorWithout a lot of accessories, bangs can be a hair style that gives statement. Typically, straight hair tend to be boring because it looks flat. Bangs will give a different touch in your face so it's not boring."Body Magic, the addition of bangs on your face can change the overall impression of the view."Cons: Difficult to arrangeFor textured hair, bangs are the problems to be 'tamed' every time my hair. Frequent use of vise is also not good for your hair, wear bangs means adding 'burden' styling. If you're a practical person and likes to rush out of the house, you should not wear bangs.Pros: Bangs disguise the lack ofYou who have heart and oval face shape, bangs and eyes focused on your lips. To accentuate your beautiful eyes, bangs cut just above the eyebrows; while to accentuate the lip, cut the bangs a little below the brow so it seems long.Cons: It seems limpThinning hair on the forehead is easy to get oil from the skin of your forehead, making it easy to limp bangs and clumping. This of course affects the display of your face as a whole, even though you have just washed your hair, limp bangs make you look dull and not fresh. The solution, always in the forehead with oil absorbent paper oil when it is excessive and not too often touching your bangs.(VEM / miw)

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