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Monday, July 9, 2012

Dian school children are not a virgin anymore

Dian school children are not a virgin anymoreThis girl named Ayu, her friend of Dian children boarding school next to my house. That afternoon I hang out in front of the boarding housewhile maen guitar, nearly half an hour in front of me, Dian looked back but this time at friend's apartment.eh, just got home Dian school huh? ampe why at this hour? maen first huh? I becandain the dian. Nah really mas, there was lesin school. oh yes so I said casually. trus friend brought a lot like what's on? I asked again. willing to learngroup mas, mas er dong kenalin Dian my friends! Dian nyuruh my friend's apartment ma acquaintances. mas ni named HendraDian said. it's one of Ayu's, uh cute Ayu is also the small but steady body already different ma other friend,I charmed the hearts of the Ayu clay. mas, Dian kedalem first yes!, oh yes-yes iya.belajar to get along! with a smileDian entered his house.In the evening I go home I dah Dian because emang used to play over there. I chat and joke-joke ma Dian,uh, a friend whose name is Dian Ayu was cute too huh? , Why gold? crush on you? ga basis of the Dian could jaim little, speak franklyDian got his phone number ga? mas ask ya? Dianpun go back to the room and came out carrying a cell phone, ni aja own searchAyoe named after ya mas .. Dian.gue said the numbers directly Catet Ayu. already mas? Dian said. ya already? makacih ya tomorrowmas beliin brown deh, yes bener mas! said Dian excited because he really liking chocolate emang.
Without lingering I try to sms the Ayu, Ayu hey what are you doing? I still remember ga? I had the time you dikenalin Dianmaen home. er of the Ayu was oh yes reply sms me ayu still remember dong, it was new .. he he ... sms was continued.day, two day, three days I ma smsan Ayu, I try to fun invites him out. Ga I thought she wanted me to take out. SundayI ma Ayu appointments and we see the streets of the city pake muter-muter bike, ga kerasa already very afternoon's timepulangin the Ayu. right at the entrance of the alley near his home, Ayu said dah mas wrote nganternya nyampe here!.I asked why? mas may know the house Ayu ga ya?, ga pa pa mas why next time it could be,oh yes already, tomorrow maen again huh? invite me.Ayu mas replied yes.
A few days Dian Ayu maen home, I happened to be in front of the house Dian, eh mas Hendra, Dian was at home ga mas?asked Ayu.oh was in the back, enter ONLY! I wrote all he asked for my boarding ntar come to go over to ya mas!he just smilesI go to a boarding room and lie down while I listen to music from your computer, it happens to children when boarding on the goboarding house somewhere quiet so very rich graves. Ngeres my brain while lying roads, imagine the Ayu was in my room andI could have a fun ma him alone in the room. ga held my body is still small but plump dah all, front and back steady
While half asleep, heard a voice from outside calling my name. Hendra masmas I get up from bed andout, I was surprised that the Ayu lies ahead. Ayu, what is it? Dian ga there huh? I asked. there really was only briefly masAyu Diannya.sekarang be home here ga maen mas? , Oh, of course .. the ga dong may be in my heart was sayingshoots in love Ayu had arrived, we went into the boarding house. Boarding house where I emang are provided for guests but rarely receiveusing that for most children if guests receive directly in their rooms, more relaxed here katanya.mau wrote whatAyu in the palace? I try tawarin to Ayu. dah here aja mas .. he replied. We were talking this and that, while cool to chat, joke,I started a rogue's hand holding the Ayu and I beraniin kiss on the cheek. Ayu was shocked, his face turned red with embarrassment.ih mas hell really naughty while flailing my breasts. I hold my hands and kiss the other cheek, Ayu's face even moreflushed. I stroked her cheek and I want to kiss her lips, going ga ah mas he said. tetep but I kissed her and eventually forced theI had mashed sweet lips slowly closed his eyes enjoying the Ayu kiss from me .. I added passionate kissAyu lips and my tongue began to play. a few moments we kissed, I take my kiss. Ayu wrote at room yuk! invite me.nti clay afraid if anyone here .. Ayu was just silent in the face of a shy, I go to articulated armsboarding room and I lock my door. mas really locked the door? Ayu asked polos.ga pa pa! responsible gue.gue lanjutin ciuminAyu clutching his lips and began to feel the body, squeezing her ass. When I try to touch her milk, she triedI hold hands with strong but because they lost me, I wrote successful tetep touch and squeeze her milk whilecontinued kissing, holding hands Ayu still try my hand I felt the kissing susunya.lama rebahin Ayu body inmattress and I'm on top of him. I take a kiss on his lips began kissing her neck, gently squeeze the milk left and right,I tried to unbutton his shirt but do not prevent Ayu mas ..! but still I forced aja unbutton her blouse one by oneso it looks white, milk buffer and then slowly open my bajunya.gue off her bra hookhe kissed her lips and neck and remove it from the body Ayu Ayu. Ayu looks still very beautiful breasts, tight withsmall reddish nipple. Ayu just closed her eyes and bit his lip when I started to licknipple and squeeze the milk, continue to alternate right and left, leaving a red mark scars cupangan me. Ayu was moreenjoying the flattery, the milk feels he has aroused hardened signs, audible sigh, sighing softly from her lips,I grabbed his hands. emhhukhhmasss.
my shirt off my shorts too, lived in the pants fit ga wrote that plasticity to accommodate a penis I've stoodof yesteryear. ihmas really removed all .., already narrow Ayu ya .. I replied. Ayu's body to rest on my back and this timeI kissed her forehead gently from her eyes and cheeks continuing hers back, neck, and the milk droppedto the abdomen, wheezing sound Ayu back ehhh. massmmmh time I played in the milk and stomach, I try to openbuttons and zipper pants Ayu, Ayu .. mas mas ga do not want to .. prevent ngertiin Ayu Ayu tegas.gue try and re-kissingbibirnya.setelah two tries and ga diijinin, while I mashed my lips back right hand trying to open the zipper,Ayu was this time I just shut up and let go off our pants panjangnya.sekarang both almost naked wearing onlypants dalam.gue ciumin thighs, stomach, milk, lips and body to rest on Ayu again, this time I rub my penis-grit topussy while playing Ayu Ayu tongue in your mouth. Ayu a little easier to straddle his legs so that I rub my penis.enough with the friction-friction genitals, kissing my neck again, then milk and finally belly up to the pussy Ayu is stillcovered panties. Ayu wiggling comfort of my hair and squeezed hard time with the pussy .. I ciumineehhmhhmasss .. ahhh. Enough for a while my pussy ciumin in Ayu and panties off gue.Ayu still lying on the mattress.Ayu .. mas mas ciumin want diciumin rich have been pretty dong .. I'm seduced. Ayu shook kepalanya.ayo dong baby!!I cooed. Ayu belom toy ever .. mas replied. Ayu now try deh ..!!. I deketin my penis into Ayu's face,come on dear! I cooed again. Ayu shyly hold my penis and my penis ciumin hesitation Ayu.uh .. suction dear dear .. nice .. Ayu was getting used to and know what to do, Ayu shake my penis in her mouth.while Ayu suck my penis, she said mas, mas ya already .. yes dear. I replied. I now turn to again makeComfort of Ayu, I kissed her lips and kissed her pussy lagi.Ayu comfort of ehhhmm .. sigh .. mmmhh when Ayu waslulled me to remove the pants without dalamnya.tubuh Ayu cover anything that really makes me ga-resistant, white,mulus.bagian clean and just started overgrown pussy hairs plasticity banget.gue sexy lips creamed again Ayu whilemy hand stroking pussy, gently massage my klitorisnya.gue switch tongue kissing and playing in the pussy, I bitemild clitoris, Ayu writhing and pulling my hair out loud, masss.Ayu would kee .. Luu .. ar.Ayu getting her first orgasm, pussy wet with a liquid that comes out.akhhh.ehhhmmm Ayu kept sighing as her orgasm.
Ayu want a more comfortable again? I asked half-woo .., how mas? .. Ayu asked innocently.mas mas way enter into the pussy got Ayu, ah ga would be worried about .. ill belom mas she replied.ga ga really awful sick .. even my devils persuasion. Ayu just shut up and I started caressing her again.mas enter now well, I whispered in his ear. kangkangin my feet, look at my face Ayu doubt I penis pointto the pussy, I kissed her forehead and lips first Ayu .. friction-grit my penis into my pussy Ayu is still wet by the liquid orgasmpenetrasikan my penis and start little by little, tight pussy feels really new though the incoming head of my penisinto the hole senggamanya, I keluarin my penis deeper and more penetrating. mas.saakit mas Ayu groaned.I pull my penis that does not exist half into Ayu pussy hole. I kissed her lips again Ayuyes dear life! I whispered. I returned my penis penetrasikan slowly deeper and deeper,seen blood coming from pussy Ayu. Ayu mas akhhsaakittt screaming my penis is now completely swallowed andAyu.terlihat intercourse feels trapped hole tear flowed from the point matanya.wajah Ayu still in pain because ofgue.gue penis virginity torn by a silence that Ayu is able to master the pain in pussy while kissing her.after he was rather quiet, I began to pull and push my penis, back and forth slowly. I keep my penis mengocokkanin pussy slowly, felt hole Ayu intercourse can accept my penis, my penis I speed up the movement. Ayu had alreadymoaning in pain but no longer turn began to feel the pleasure .. akhhhukhhmass akhh .. sigh .. Ayu easement.Ayu ciumin my lips as he continued to shake my penis in pussy. sigh .. ehhmm ukhhhakhhh favors us.Ayu hugged my body close, Ayumau to the outside again .. he whispered, felt the warm liquid to spray my penis head,Ayu orgasm the second time.I kept out of the penis in pussy Ayu Ayu .. some time after the second orgasm, I felt it was close to orgasm.I speed up the movement of my penis .. Ayu mas already come out .. , Akhhh.uhhh .. Ayu Ayu ju .. gaa was first orgasm.was already at the top, I pull my penis and spilling sperm on my stomach Ayu. akhhmmmmhhwe both lay side by side, I wiped the sweat from his forehead and kissed Ayu. Thank ya love me whispered,Ayu is only a small smile.I bersihin Ayu sperm in the body which hung limp and blood in the pussy with a small towel.bobo wrote briefly affection, nti bangunin mas .. I said. Ayu was soon asleep, and I cover her with blankets.I looked at the face of Ayu, this kid is really cute, I'm really lucky to be in my heart dapetin he said.
It was already five o'clock, I kissed her cheek bangunin for Ayu. woke up late .. love dah I said.Ayu was up, time will stand still feel sore Ayu in pussy .. akhh .. Ayu groaned, biting her lip.Ayu slowly wearing all the clothes back. bathroom where mas? Ayu said. oh it behind .. I said,pointing to the bathroom. Ayu looks painfully slowly on his cock to the bathroom.after completion of the bathroom Ayu leave home. Ayu mas going home, yes, he really dah afternoon.yes, Ayu dian front of the house do not pass it, pass the side wrote my suggestion.before coming home again I kissed her forehead and lips Ayudo not tell dear greet-greet ya! I whispered.Ayu just nodded yes Ayu careful! ..

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