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Monday, July 9, 2012

Maintain steps and Pamper Miss V

Langkah Merawat dan Manjakan Miss V

10 Langkah Manjakan Miss V

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Maintain steps and Pamper Miss V10 Steps to Treat Miss VWritten by SpongeBobImageBeautiful asian babe shows her perfect naked boobs petite
Miss V is sensitive. Sex organs are so prone to diseases because of its location adjacent to the anus. This is the reason why the vagina should be spoiled by always maintained and kept clean. About how, easy anyway:

A. Balance the vaginal ecosystem.

Ecological balance in nature will be preserved if we always keep the vagina clean and keep the area dry.
2. Clean the vagina after every urination (BAK) and defecate (BAB).

Vaginal Hygiene is also closely related to pembasuhannya tricks. The truth is from front to back and not from the anus to the vagina. Once washed, dry vagina with a soft towel to dry.
3. Do check the area around the sex organs.

That way, if there is an infection may be known. Infection is characterized by the color change in the area around the vagina (more red) and sometimes accompanied by a less pleasant odor also itching. If it finds such signs, consult your doctor obstetrician-gynecologist or dermatologist and sex.
4. Use a cleaning liquid to taste.

Choose a special cleaning fluid vaginal pH levels 3-4 (can be read on the packaging). Avoid cleaners that have a high pH because it will make the genital skin wrinkles, and kill the good bacteria.
5. Choose cotton underwear.

Cotton absorbs sweat well. Other materials, such as nylon that is heat can cause excessive moisture and encourage the growth of fungi and pathogens in the vagina.
6. Avoid wearing tight pants or jeans.

Miss V is not so hot then sweat. Sweat is a "delicious food" for mildew around the vagina. If forced to use tights, try not to wear all day and snacks with baggy clothes at home.
7. Use of pantyliner.

Should not use a pantyliner, but the mucus is excessive. When forced to use, pantyliner should be replaced after every bowel and bladder, or do not use it all day. Fluid deposited on the pantyliner it will make the vagina become too moist.
8. Shaving pubic hair

Although useful as a protector of pubic hair the vagina, but for those who have extra-thick pubic hair shaved recommended. Pubic hair is too thick can withstand sweat around the vagina so that the finished trigger development of the fungus. No need to shave off, just adjacent to the genital lips.
9. Avoid the use of powder.

Fine powder having a particle easily tucked here and there and eventually invited to fungi and bacteria lodged in place.
10. Picky pads

Choose absorbent pads and soft when worn to reduce skin irritation in the vaginal area. Avoid pads that use scent due to the sensitive skin, the chemicals contained in them will make the vagina so itchy and irritated.


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