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Monday, July 9, 2012

Masturbation is Good for Couples

Masturbation is Good for Couples5 ReasonsMasturbation is Good for CouplesWritten by Hery KosalovichAs approved by many sexologists, masturbation passion and drive away the perpetrators of the cheating behavior.
IF you want to reheat the bed, one way that suggested many sexologists are masturbating. Let your fingers you browse and find the road to sexual satisfaction.
Masturbation is sexual self-gratification activities that are fun and safe way to learn about your body so you can provide meaningful guidance to the couple during copulation. Furthermore, as approved by many sexologists, masturbation passion and drive away the perpetrators of the cheating behavior.
"This is a normal human sexual behavior," said Richard Carroll, director of Sex and Marital Therapy Program at Northwestern Medical Faculty Foundation, the Washington Post.
"Surveys show that two-thirds of men masturbate on a regular basis, and approximately 60 percent of women masturbate regularly. Many people use masturbation as a means of channeling the right sex," he added.
Masturbation is good for some reason your sex life, including as reviewed The Stir.
Orgasm faster and better
Do you use your hands, vibrator, water spray, or other means, masturbation can arouse your sex within a few minutes. This way (find the right spot) as well as train the body to do the same thing during sex.
Uncover what you want
Instead of fumbling about in every man perfect sex, masturbation narrow your focus to only think of one person, namely yourself. What excites you? What makes you getting hot? Bring your desire and enjoy a satisfying life of the bed.
Additional tools
Use a good vibrator when you satisfy yourself through masturbation or with a partner. Perform a variety of experiments to explore the more fun you can enjoy, such as masturbating in front of each other while looking at a strange and interesting things that happened during the event. You learn more about each other to see what makes him aroused, and vice versa.
Satisfying sex
If you and your spouse have different levels of sexual arousal, masturbation is a great way to make both of you satisfaction are met. Does your partner while you do not want it? Through masturbation, he could help himself, which makes it less likely to want to find someone else.
Little freedom
We are part of a spouse because the couple does not consist of one person. Although we loved her, a little freedom is certainly good for his life and the lives of your household. Masturbation is a safe way to explore the free time without the costs typically incurred if someone is cheating. (FTR)
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