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Monday, July 9, 2012

My name is Sandra, I was only 14

My name is Sandra, I was only 14, living with his parents in an elite residential complex in Jakarta. But because of the crowded bustle, my parents are not home.
Let me first tell you about me, so you've got the picture. 147cm tall, I weigh only 45kg, white smooth skin without the slightest flaw, understand, I'm chinese descendants are very well maintained. I'm an only child that could be considered somewhat favorite 'nerd', because the neighborhood is always limited by my second parent. 2x my friend was only a few, and even then most girls of all. So very little knowledge about life, especially about sex, you could say nothing. until the age of seginipun I never knew what it was sex, pregnancy, boys dick, kissing, etc.. imagine how the rest wrote itself 'kuper'nya I am.
Ok, I continue my story. My house is pretty big, just me and my maid-2x. that two people are domestic servants, one Bi Yem, one very old already, is only the 1-year-old grandson under my age, 13 yrs, No calling, is kacungku. one was the craftsman of old garden, Pak Mat, age was about 65 years old, my father and another driver, whose name was Bang Jun, aged about 30 years. That the contents of my house when ortuku not at home.
One day, I came home from school, both ortuku've traveled abroad again for a time which is not necessarily. my driver asked permission to go home because there is a business, bi Yem morning to go with her grandson to visit his brother in Tangerang for 1 day. Be me and Mr. Matt both wrote.
After lunch, I sat in my backyard-2x large. Mat pack there watering the garden. I was way fun-2x-2x Mat pack nearby, and he kugoda by stepping on the water hose. Confused because the water does not come out, he saw backward da discovered that the water hose being trampled me, after I took off grind, pack Mat direct spray of water that has been laughing at me and laughed.
But what happens, water bodies and wet T-shirt, at the time I just wear a long shirt limited to above the knee, without wearing a bra, panties just wrote. Cash, my body shape clearly visible through my shirt page. My breasts large enough for my age and body size was clearly visible at all challenging, imagine, 32B to which only 147cm tall and somewhat angular, understand, how the hell bodies of girls who are still junior. My body is still very young and ripe it has not been touched, being looked at by Mr. Mat with gawk. Either how to first, know-2x Mat pack has approached me and squeezed my breasts, I could just shut up and stare Because I have never been treated like that before. Pak Mat is our family gardener who has long been part of my family, so to speak, he has been there since I was a baby. So, our family really trust him. Mr. Matt said "non, non of the milk as well ... well, not good diginiin? ' while his hands continued to squeeze my milk. Which I do not understand what he was doing answered "somewhat amused pack, but yes ... good koq Pak Mat was mijitin I yahh? ' I asked spoiled. 'Yes. small pack of Matt's who you ngerawat. Matt would not pa ajarin something? ' he asked. 'Ajarin what the hell, sir?' I asked innocently. 'Every adult child who would later be diajarin is not ashamed to ama-2x your friend, would not?' he demanded. 'Yes deh' I said. Without a word more, Mr. Matt took me into his chambers at the end of my backyard which is great. Indeed, there is room for our employees back end of my house.
Once inside kebiliknya, he closed the door and locked from the inside. 'Non know what dick?' pole. 'What's that dick, Mr. Mat. I've never heard koq anyway? ' I asked with a serious face. After that he took off his clothes and his pants up around naked. I'm still innocent it still wrote her to pay close attention, I did not understand that I will get an unforgettable experience which until now. Once naked, he grasped Kontolnya and show me, 'Well, this is a dick, non. All adult children who want to know this. not only know but also have to feel it. try non-hold, I'll teach again 'she says, shaking abstinence. I try to grasp the big Kontolnya, gosh I can hardly hold it with both hands. 'Now try kocokkan like this' as an example' I carried out his orders, kukocok Kontolnya with exasperation, grew up big and long anyway. 'Well, non've ngemut candy right? now you're trying to do like that on my penis' the vibrating tone. He stood beside her bed and I sat beside his bed while guiding the dick that was in my hand toward my mouth which was small and red. I put into my mouth so hard, so I thought great. so kujilati Kontolnya first head carefully. -2x Mat pack sighed as she looked up. I asked 'Why sir, sick yes, I'm sorry sir.' 'Ah koq not, in fact so good you know, terusin, terusin, do not stop, it later if you enter into your mouth, my dick do not hit your teeth well, terusin' he said with a brake literacy enjoyment. I continue aksiku, I jilatin Kontolnya Kontolnya from head down to the base of the trunk, I terusin to the testicles, all I jilatin like I jilatin my favorite candy bar, now I try to put into my mouth again, already fit, already exposed ludahku slippery, I'm starting to like teaching. Pak Mat held my head with one hand while backing advance the ass, like gay people. The other hand was squeezing my milk right. His movements were the longer semain fast, finally he said 'oh non, soon I will keluarin pejuh me, you'll feel how it feels well. after that should you swallow 'command, but he said it was not long ago, I felt a liquid out of Kontolnya, it feels weird, I felt once more and then swallow by swallow because pejuhnya 2 times turned out a lot. when pejuhnya out Mat's voice growling pack hard and long. 'Nnnnggghhh ggnnnnnhh ....... .... hhhkkkkhh ...'
'Ah non, your mouth delicious. Mat pack of tasty dick or not? ' he asked with a cut-2x satisfaction. 'Mmmhh, good sir. pejuh is also good, I never eat like this, there is again no sir? ' I ask not happy. 'Non'll soon feel yag better than before, would not?' he asked, melepasi socks and underwear. after I was naked, he tidurkan me on his bed, as he kept squeezing my milk. He was licking my whole body, from head to toe. dijilatinya also all my milk loaf, pentilku sucked until I was shaking. My legs and my thighs which opened as he stroked the smooth-2x with one hand still on my milk. After that memekku dijilatin with a rough tongue. wuihh not taste awful, really amused deh, it seems want to pee. Not just lip memekku dijilatinnya who wrote, but also on kelubang memekku tongue, I so-2x menggelinjang not controlled, the red face once while terdongak up. Meanwhile, he too got into the bed while directing Kontolnya to my face, I knew what I wanted, I hold Kontolnya who had shrunk somewhat. Kontolnya kusedot again, there is still pejuhnya Kontolnya tip of the head, kujilatin. So my position there is underneath licking Kontolnya, he was upon me as he put his tongue kelubang memekku. After Kontolnya been hard and long again, and memekku already flooded with saliva, he Kontolnya pull out of my mouth.
He turned the position, now face above my face, and leads to memekku Kontolnya. Pak Mat said 'non'll feel the pain a bit, but after that non will feel incredible pleasure. Non strong pain right? ' I feel challenged and said simply 'powerful pack'.
After that he began to put a big and long Kontolnya it into the hole memekku. ass getting pushed and pushed, until I brake the pain and tenderness in memekku. after that he was moving in and out dimemekku Kontolnya who is still narrow. 'Wuah, non, narrow memekmu well, until the pain made my penis, it's rejekiku, you can be as small pussy girl, I never imagined I would enjoy dibenakku your body, your virginity, memekmu which is narrow, naked with young skipper was more delicious than anything. ooohhhh .... Mmhhh ... aaahhh .... ' Mr. Matt mumbled incoherently.
I began to feel the pleasure which the unspeakable, incredible delicious flavor. I instinctively move my butt to the right and left, which follows the movement in and out Kontolnya, wuihh added pleasure. I saw Matt face pack which is old and sunken seemed to enjoy it once it's memekku dilubang Kontolnya grit. If anyone saw the incident, they would surely think that I was raped by the old man, as if seen physically, I'm more suited to be his granddaughter, she's already 65thn, while I was only 14thn, his face and his body was already wrinkled and sunken, his skin rough and black because of frequent sunburn, but that he also natives. Was my reply was this young, white marble bath, because I was a princess of a boss, chinese descent, maintained clean, smooth skin, my face which is pretty cute as a child of Japanese. It's a very different mix, but when viewed more closely, it turns out the old man did not rape me, a black body which is above the smooth white body, rocking back and forth, his head alone being concerned Kontolnya dilubang pussy out of a child 14 yrs old, son juragannya own, a young chinese descent, apparently he could not understand how lucky fate had a chance to taste juragannya the child's body is still virgin.
After a while, Mr. Matt took a position change, I wrote resignedly. Nungging he sent me like a dog, and he poked Kontolnya from the back to my pussy. This game is so good I thought. 'Ennngghh ... mmhh .. mmmhh ... ' she gushed incoherently. Later I learned that Mr. Matthew has been widowed for 7 years left to his wife died. no wonder he's venting his lust to me, that her grandson was so fitting.
While shaking her butt back and forth, holding her hips tightly, you certainly do not know how good rasaku at the time. for my enjoyment, I have reached a peak of up to 4 times, until limp body makes. But Mr. Mat did not want to know, he's still working on me with favor.
Not less than 15 minutes in the pedal boot me from behind like that, then he hurried off and put Kontolnya of memekku kemulutku moaning loudly. I knew what I wanted, I suck hard Kontolnya, pejuhnya squirt over and over again in my mouth, a lot. 'Crottt, croooth .., crooootttthh ...' nearly full by pejunya made my mouth. I suck again until they run out, well very good, I'm more accustomed to eating pejuhnya, and added it feels good. I especially love to see her reaction when pejuhnya out. I feel a bit bloated due memekku poked by a big dick Mat pack it.
After resting a few minutes, he asked me 'how non? good is not it? ',' very good pack, it's so good, can not be described with the word-2x 'I said. 'When-2x O teach me again, sir? should not you? ' I asked innocently, Pak Mat surprised 'wah, want more non-yah? may be, may, at any non want, just call Mr. Mat. But non do tell anyone yes. later I could not teach the other non lho. ' Pak Mat thought to myself, well, quite well if I could enjoy her every day, I could be young again, here. As he looked at me and my body, he said to himself, never imagined me going to get a virginity and enjoy his non-ku, juraganku own child, when I knew him from childhood. Apparently his body which also favors this tiny, out gini was from 12 enjoyed his first supposed. Already white, smooth, without the slightest defect like a marble, which pretty little face, his mouth which was always small and red, hmmm, it was also good with small children naked, especially chinese descendant, it is more hot kaya'an deh, make the penis so young and fresh, she thought.
Once dressed, I went back and fell asleep exhausted kekamarku. After the day's events, I often pack entot Mat, anywhere, in his room, bedroom with its own, living room, barn, in the kitchen, even in the bathroom though, just anywhere where there is a chance, sir Mat-2xkan not waste my tiny reply. And I'm becoming increasingly addicted Kontolnya.
End-2x I just realized that I had given my virginity, my body and everything to my own garden builders. Especially older people rather peyot already, but still passably Kontolnya. Since then, I became hooked and want to feel dick-2x others indiscriminately. I'm even more excited with the circles of people who are not located. For some reason I'd rather give my body a little young and enjoyed it for them, it seems there is something in me that made me more aroused. Perhaps because my first experience with my own garden builders, times.

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