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Monday, July 9, 2012

Nature of stealing panties

Nature of stealing pantiesMy name is Irving. 26 year old guy. I was born an only child. My extended family very few number of people. My mama just two brothers, while my father was an only child aadalah. Right now I work at a construction company in the city of Surabaya. I really like wearing girls underwear. Sometimes I also wear girls clothes too, but all that I do at home alone. I never use it to shown to others. I use it to excite and fantasyku about sex. Usually after that, I'm going to masturbate until I was satisfied.
Pleasure in women's underwear from the junior class begins 2. I was still living in Jakarta. At that time I was at my aunt invited to stay in Bandung. My aunt is my mom brother. At that time he was 36 years old, white and beautiful. Approximately 165 cm tall weighing about 45 kg. It looks like her chest size is 34 B. He had a son named 14-year-old Andi. Me and my cousin was indeed familiar from childhood, but when I was 6th grade, they moved to Bandung. Now reunited with their opportunities. When I arrived, I was greeted warmly by his uncle and cousin. Over the past few days, I was always invited to travel to tourist attractions like Tangkuban Boat, Harbor Queen, Peak and others.
Two days before I got home, I stayed home alone with Andi. My aunt and uncle had no business at Sukabumi. Andi suddenly took me to his parents room, and there he took his father's Playboy magazines from the closet. A moment later, we were looking through the magazine. In the magazine, lots of pretty girls pictures of naked or half naked. Most caught my attention was the picture girl wearing lingerie (sexy lingerie, such as nightgowns, bras and panties). I noticed the picture was a bit long. Apparently Andi see if I'm interested in that picture.
Suddenly he asked, "Do you like lingerie, huh?".I was quite shocked by that question, but quickly I pull myself back and asked, "What about you?""I really like", he said."I sometimes wear it"."Huh?". I was shocked."Damn you, you have to use who?"."Got my mama", he said."It felt good to know .. you want to try?"For a moment I thought, this kid pretty crazy. Why men wear girls underwear. But my curiosity inevitably spread. After that I answered,"That sounds good .."
Then she opened her wardrobe and her mother took a pair in blue satin with a rather transparent lace in the front, a beige bra that bercup soft without shoulder strap and a white dressing gown with satin as well."Put on your panties and bra, I will wear this gown," he said.Then she opened all her clothes and was wearing a nightgown. I saw him wearing it, then I take off my clothes. After that, I wear panties and bras mama. Apparently it was remarkable. Softness of the fabric to make my cock stand. Horny flavor spread throughout my body."How? Delicious is not it?", He said."Yeah .. very good", I said.For a moment I thought further, what if I brought home some clothes in it. Then I said to Andy,"I want to bring home a few pieces, some do not get caught"."Not really, because not too My mama's attention. Proof clothes I used to really play it, but always being discovered. If you want, just choose"
After that, me and Andi remove all clothes from the closet and I began mememilihnya. The first one I chose is a yellow bikini beach. It consists of a bikini bra and panties panties for which it should be tied to the rope on the side. Bra, too, must be tied at the neck and straps and back. After that, I chose a pink g-string with lace is sexy and stimulating. I also took a black transparent panties. After that, I took a black bra with soft cups, with a wire brace and shoulder straps can be off, sexy sleepwear set consisting of a short dress Sepaha a semi transparent blue where the top and bottom of the dress along piggiran is wearing a sexy lace and just strap on the shoulder and the outer covering kimono to knee length. I saw again the rest, it is not very attractive and sexy again. Everything is normal panties and bra made from regular cotton. It's just the style and color variety. Which I already take all sexy. Nightgown pajamas only remaining regular type.
"I can be pretty", I said."If so, let's put all of this again", he said.You then return it to the rest of the clothes in the closet. Clothes in which I choose everything I enter into a suitcase and I piled my clothes on the bottom. After that, Andy took me into the living room. There is a body-length mirror.There he was in the mirror and said, "Look, I look sexy, right?"I saw him, he's actually sexy, too, if he is a girl. I'm curious about my own body, and then I got up in front of the glass. I see my reflection was wearing underwear that. I also inevitably aroused. My cock sticking out of underwear I was wearing.After that, Andi said, "Come on, now we are playing Nintendo"."If so, I wear my clothes again", I said."Why?", He said."We wrote this play".
For a moment I was shocked. Crazy, I've never played Nintendo with the girls wearing wrote like this. But my feet follow the steps to his room. There he turned and asked me to play Nintendonya. During the game, I'm not really concentrating. Sensation of underwear kept creeping over me. Andi seems to know.He then said, "Difficulty concentrating, huh?""Yes.""It's okay, too long will get used. At first I, too, but usually after a long time wrote. Kayak wear my own clothes"Crazy, I thought, then he's already really long time like this."Since when you play in a girls dress like this?" I asked."Ever since junior high""Well, if dong so long already. Story is how you really can be this?""I'm interested in the same picture you have seen before, so I pingin try it. When there is a chance, I try to dress in my mama. Eh, it was delicious too. Since then I became addicted. Sometimes I wear pants to school in my mama""Huh?". I was shocked."Yes, it's really horny.""Eh, what you gini not be a sissy?""Not really, I still have a crush on the same girlfriends. It's just for satisfying desires sex, really. You may also try so, wear to school or the streets. Do not be afraid, not going to get caught"."Really not be a sissy""Now you boys do not seem interested at?""No.""Then do not. We just need to remember, we use this for our sex to satisfy lust, are not willing to change sex. After all, you're still excited if you see naked girls.""Yeah well anyway .."
After that, we continue to play. We still have time to do other activities with clothes in it, like watching TV, reading comics, then eat. The latter we masturbate together while dressed in it while reading Playboy magazine. First there was still no VCD, if not maybe we'll do it while watching a pornographic VCD as I do now.
When evening came, we shower and change back into our clothes. I wore underwear that I put in my suitcase as well. After his parents' home, we act like ordinary wrote. Actually, I'm afraid of getting caught as well, but until I'm in between back by him to Jakarta, there is no place whatsoever. Most only a phone call from my aunt asked my situation, but he did not mention any more, instead he asked me when I want to play at home again. Since then I've also been a fan of girls underwear. All the clothes in my aunt that I kept until now in my closet in a somewhat hidden, and if there is a chance, I always remove and wear.
I've tried looking at the pile of clothes in the mama's, but my mama did not have a lot of sexy underwear. All underwear is only made of ordinary cotton with a piece that is also mediocre. Sleep is also just plain pajamas. Understandably, my mama is rather old-fashioned person. I loved only one set of traditional Korean dress with all the hair ornaments and knick complete perniknya which was a gift from a friend there. My mama did not ever wear it. I myself can freely use it for my mom for a career woman. Papa mama often out of town. Therefore, I feel free to wear traditional clothes. Sometimes I mix with my aunt's panties and bra I took from Bandung. I wore when I was at home while doing my daily activities. My aunt wore pajamas to bed. If the school or the streets, I'm wearing the pants in my aunt's, of course, clothes are clothes luarku ordinary men.
When I started college, I moved to the city of Surabaya. All the clothes in which I took from my aunt and I took. Korea's traditional dress I brought my mom too. In this city, my father bought me a house on the campus. Therefore, I am more freely to satisfy my desire to wear the girl, but I did not add to my collection. I wear my collection is all I took from my aunt and my mama Korean traditional dress. When I asked for a traditional Korean dress, I told my friend I would give it to a woman in there as an introductory gift. For that reason, the traditional Korean dress my mama gave me and took me to wear their own Surabaya.I usually go through my daily activities with Korean traditional clothes when at home, so time relaxing, studying, playing games or watching TV. Only when there are friends who come back to the clothes I change my son. To sleep, I'm still wearing my aunt's nightgown set is usually kupadukan with g-stringnya.
To bra and panties in the other, I used to walk behind the clothes and went to my son. I always try to wear clothes that can disguise BHku rope. All that I did until now, so sometimes I wear panties and a bra under my aunt's in my office. Wearing traditional Korean dress is very nice. Fabrics are soft and loose clothes that swept me cause I'm so horny. I always dress my hair with a set of clothes. Therefore, shoulder-length hair kupanjangkan. Luckily my skin is very white, so I like Korean girls dressed in traditional Korean if it is complete with all the makeup. I really admire my appearance in front of the mirror, so I also like to masturbate to reveal traditional dress, the lower the pants in an ordinary girl I used to combine, then whisk my cock. I'm always careful not to contaminate the sperm that shirt, because it's hard to wash clothes. If the gown, it's as soft. But it's just a short dress that I wore panties girl revealed itself when I seat a bit haphazard. It also made me horny.
All this is very fun for me. Whether you find it odd or even disgust. I suggest you try first. Maybe you will enjoy it too, because once I can access them from trying. Just remember that we are not going to be a sissy, but to satisfy our sexual desires. Still can not? Never mind .. everyone has an individual taste .. ok. But definitely I still interested in the girls and absolutely no interest in the same guy. My cock still stand firm when they see naked girls.

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