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Monday, July 9, 2012

Pent-up lust remote village doctor bag 2

Pent-up lust remote village doctor bag 2The trip takes about 1 hour. Perhaps only 10 minutes when the road was kind of paved roads in the city. Look up at the door of their village to fetch me. There are still some home and garden which we must pass. I got a woman who was shivering with high fever. I checked after I gave him the necessary medicines. To their husbands and relatives at home that I had the opportunity to give a bit of health information. I recommend eating lots of vegetables and fruits are widely available in the village. How to wash your food will be so clean and healthy. Do not be too preoccupied with salted fish. If the right opportunity to make a toilet. Note the cleanliness of the house and so on. Sometimes Mr. Tanba also complete I said anything. Of a few tens of times he's led me, finally, he also mastered the science that is often kusiarkan popular in the population.
When I got home, lightning from the sky more often with the occasional sound of thunder. My watch showed 10:30 at night. Ah, the rain, here. Mr. Tanba try to accelerate the vehicle. Wind cold night in the countryside was hit my body.
Approximately half of the trip we felt the rain began to fall. Pak Tanba bike lights illuminate the raindrops are falling like needles. I tightened my grip on her hips more and more leaning my head back to avoid falling for warmth and water spots on my face.
The rain was uncompromising. Increasingly heavy. I say to Mr Tanba pengin to shelter first, but the rain made no audible I said anything to him. He kept going and I'm even more tightly embracing his hips. Suddenly he stopped. Apparently we get a palm leaf-roofed hut on the edge of a deserted street. I remember, hut where the village's next sale. If during the day this place is visited by people who want to buy safety pins, soap or other necessary items that are dry. There is a divan of bamboo that are not wide enough to sit just shelter. Pak signs quickly leaning the bike and then ran down the roof of the nipa palm. I menyilahkannya sitting.
Here sir, enough for both of these,
And without the awkward he approached me and puts his hand on my shoulder as he sat beside me.
Mother's cold?Melepasmu, Mr. .. I also embrace her behind her waist with a sense of familiarity.
For a while we just quietly listening to the rain which flushed. Any talk would not be heard. Sounds like the rain which poured from the skies to defeat the voices of our talk. Several times I hit my arms to the body of Mr. Tanba to get more warmth. Head and face increasingly fall to her chest.
I dont know how it began. I heard a snort of breath in my ear Pak Tanba and before I knew his face was nyungsep I felt my neck. I was silent. I think he also needs warmth. And I felt the peace at a time like this there Tanba Pak. I also want to make him feel good around me.
Suddenly she moved her face and neck felt a small kiss her lips. I was also silent. I myself was very tired indeed. My break this hour. Ratio condition and my emotions tend to be lazy. I tend to ignore and let what he wants. I do not have to worry about the act of Mr. Tanba who have sacrificed so much for me. And I own that because of the cold wet clothes added by evening winds are very cold to feel the warmth of his lips that boost in my body. Even then I still leave when finally I felt a kiss was also equipped with a suction mouth. I'm just a little away.
Aiihh .. I breathe without serious efforts to avoid them. Until I hear.
Mm .. Dokteerr Bu .. whispered, half hissed faintly in the middle of the increasingly heavy rain sound pierced my eardrums.Buu .. it hissed back.And I just, hhmm ..
I do not know necessarily how. I sincerely love Mr. Tanba as friends and people who have helped me so much. I love him as well as a sense of peace and secure as she was near me. I also love it because of my respect to a man who was so concerned about the value of their responsibilities. I love Mr. Tanba as a form of respect for a man who is also able to show his affection for other human beings.
I also love is there for other things than the old Pak mungkinlebih Tanba older than my father? Is there I was overwhelmed by a sense of loneliness? Are there any I missed the caresses of a father who has never kujumapi? Are there any I missed my fiance Rudi caress? While I was still lost and searching for the answer, kisses and lips with a subtle straw slowly creeping up my ears menyentuhi immediately swished my blood.
My heart was beating fast and then jerked. My body also struck by the pulse of my heart. The cold is caused by the night wind and wet clothes on my body immediately vanished. Kegamanganku guided my hand to try to find the handle. And at the same time the left hand clutching Mr. Tanba my hands and then his right arm and then infiltrates into the clothes basahku. He felt then clutch his fingers gently on my breasts.
Then also meremasinya slowly. My blood surged uncontrollably in the breeze. His fingers touched the rough and tickled my nipples. I do not guess at what Mr. Tanba do this. But I do not want to refuse. I felt a kind of pleasure. I menggelinjang thanks to the squeeze of the hand Pak Tanba on my milk. I immediately seized extreme thirst.
I sighed with a bit stretched smooth with a slight pull of the neck and tilted my face. An ambush warm and sweet pick up my lips. Pak Tanba lips instantly crushed my lips. Oocchh .. What has happened .. What are these overcome me in a moment .. What threw me in this dreamily indefinitely .. Where orbitku now ..
Like birds caught in nets, I felt a strong current flows and dragging. But I'm not trying to find survivors. I just creamed thirsty and wanted more soluble in the stream. My hands move up. I grabbed my head and pulled Pak Tanba pressed to my lips. I wish he really melumatku out.
I want to thirst eroded by lumantannya. I was sucking her lips. We were crushed. Mr. Tanba spreading tongue in my mouth and I menyedotinya. I immediately swelter in the rain and cold of the night's countryside. My body was sweating. Probably because the heat dries my clothes now.
Mmmhh .. he sighed.Mllmmhh .. I sighed.
I do not know what happened next. I just felt Mr. Tanba lay my body to the bamboo divan while her mouth continued to melumati my lips. And do not get out of hand grip on the head for me to be more pressed to my lips. Sigh and moan that the sound of rain falling into a magic spell and quickly ushered us ketepian ocean of lust. Passionate desire to tickle nerves libidoku.
Then it took off from the warmth of his lips against mine for a reptile. Tanba instantaneous Pak crushed and a small bite my lower lip to my chin and then down melumati. Aamppuunn .. Why is it so inflame passion syahwatku .. Ayoo .. Continue Paakk .. I hauss .. Mr. Tanbaa ..
My neck is so lip Pak Tanba mengelinjang menyeranginya. Kiss kiss for her release and I could not resist the shocks my soul. I dared to scream loudly in the rain on a deserted hut near the edge of this village.
Ayyoo .. Paakk .. I hauss Tanbaa Mr. .. .
I menggelinjang strong. I struggled like Mr. Tanba shredding birahiku lust. I wish him a quick welcome thirst.Pak hands suddenly yanked hard Tanba doctor clothes. He grabbed my shirt too. All the buttons broke off my clothes. Mr. Tanba show savagery hewaniahnya lust. Duh .. I got so burned by the desire birahiku favors. I feel a very male was trying to rob keperempuananku softness. And I have to give up on his manhood that speedily.
He cokoti breasts. He emoti milk-my milk. In bite-bite-pentilku nipple. Elute with her arms in my hips, butt, thighs. His kisses continued menyergapi me. From the chest down to the abdomen and down again .. Down again .. I was really thrown off dreamily. I entered the full sensation of pleasure in the ocean. All that Mr. Tanba do on my body I've never felt before. I did not consider the presence of Rudi's fiance.
And more, more torment me now is a very intense itching around the groin. Without being able to try my own hand kuhindarkan pet scratching that itch. Deftly, without shame I lepasi own underwear. I threw to the ground. I tapped the top of the vagina to reduce the itchiness. I increasingly feel the liquid melt birahiku overflowing out of my vagina.
The sensation of Mr. Tanba continue to flow. Now her lips had penetrated further down. He kissed and licked my crotch. And that makes me a very hysterical. Pak Hair Kujambaki Tanba in restraining syahwatku irritation. Mr. Tanba seemed to know. Her lips were instantly penetrated groin. Her lips were instantly crushed my vagina lips. His tongue licking birahiku fluid. I heard .. Ssluurrpp .. Sslluurrpp .. When menyedoti fluid. The sound of my soul that sounds very stimulating.
I can not stand it anymore. I like animal sacrifice Tanba Pak ready to accept a sharp stab of the spear. Requires that inflammatory birahiku offerings quickly implemented. I pull the shoulders of Mr. Tanba to quickly get up and thrust his spear at me. Ayoolaahh .. Paakk ..
I do not know when Mr. Tanba melepasi clothes. Even I did not fully realize why I was totally naked now. Pak Tanba blaze was quickly respond to my soul. He has much experience. What I did may have often he got from his wives. Swiftly he rose, and crushing in the state have been naked. He buried his face into the valley of my armpits. She licked and menyedotinya.
Meanwhile, I also feel there is a hot rod and pressing hard against my thigh. Do not need experience to know that it is a pubic Pak Tanba who are ready to stab and pierce the groin. But he stopped. Penantianku seconds as if many years. He whispered in a hoarse voice.
Doctor Mom, mom was a virgin?
I flinched a little over bisikkannya it. Yaa .. I'm still a virgin. Will I leave this to Mr. Tanba? What about Rudi later? What about my future? What about the risk moralku? What about my career? In an instant I had to take a stand. With the very lightning flashed behind me trying.
In this position I was able to think clearly, even for a moment. Then I went back to the drag flow lust lust. I do not answer in words to Mr. Tanba. I immediately picked up her lips for a little while melumatinya loosen my thighs. I'm willing to give up my virginity to Mr. Tanba.
Amid heavy rain and cold of the country, above the divan roofed hut of bamboo and palm leaves seen on the roadside not far from the village Tanba Pak has taken my virginity. I do not regret it. It is very likely because of relaku arising after seeing how Mr. Tanba without showing pamrihnya help my duties. And perhaps also for being so attentive to me. A sense of cool and protected from the figure and thus the behavior of Mr. Tanba rasioku sweep and emotional awareness that I do not have to feel the loss of virginity in raihnya time.
Shortly after the incident happened Pak Tanba gelesot jamming it into the grass hut, crying in front of my feet. It is also special to me because I think people like Mr. Tanba can not cry.
Excuse my mistake, Mrs. Doctor. I'm ampuunn ..
But I quickly reached for the back seat in the divan. I even merangkulinya. Even her lips and then pick up again melumatinya I say that I did willingly for what has been done to me Tanba Pak. That night before we went home again to pick up delicious lust lust. Without the words Mr. Tanba guided how so I can reach orgasmeku. He guided me to rest on the muscular body. He guided his cock to be directed to the groin. Then he push pull just before I managed to do it myself. What a sensation of lust straight through me. I swung the buttocks and hips like a woman who was washing over the penggilesan. Only this time the swing arm but not the buttocks and hips. I won consecutive orgasmeku accompanies moments of orgasm and ejaculation Pak Tanba I felt the cock twitch-twitch is accompanied by a spray of hot sperm in the vagina sanggamaku kentalnya.
Strange, as we were leaving the sky suddenly lit up. Even the moon is almost full share of light on the rice field at the edge of the road. Before Mr. Tanba pull the bike he once again grabbed my waist and then back to bite my lip.
Doctor Bu Will you be my wife?,
I did not answer in words as well. I just pinched his arm is rewarded with Pak Tanba ouch.
In the dim light of the moon we entered the village of my challenge. I pondered how this village has given me a lot of meaning in my life. And in the cold early morning I set my heart. I will serve the village is my challenge. I'd be a country doctor and live with my husband as a wife ke.4 Pak Tanba very good.
When my uncle came to pick up and happened without Rudi because he was on duty outside the town I told him everything. I delivered with the full consciousness that I have found a way and my choice. I will serve in rural challenge. And I ask for my forgiveness petition presented to Rudi who had let him down. And of course my mom is always beside his blessing I needed.

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