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Monday, July 9, 2012

Pent-up lust remote village doctor

Pent-up lust remote village doctorShinta is a young doctor. He had just finished his education at a prestigious university in Sumatra. In addition to his intelligence that led to his doctor's degree. Shinta also a profile picture of the young generation of today. In addition to being a very beautiful girl, 24-year-old Shinta is agile and intelligent and is known by his friends as a girl who love the environment and socio-cultural issues. He was very pleased with the adventure.
During the last 2 years in college Shinta trusted his friends became Chairman of Nature Lovers Group. A stark contrast indeed. Judging from its physical appearance is so beautiful and soft Shinta is a martial arts expert Kung Fu black belt. Besides, he's also a rock climber who are reliable and also several times been followed by tracing rafting rivers malignant around Sumatra.
As a new doctor he had to undergo a period of PTT in a village far from their homes. Reaction of the parents in this case her mother and fiance Rudi is a very mind when he heard that he had served in the remote village. Shinta Shinta very loving mother. It was he who kept pushing until graduate school to become a doctor Shinta. Parents divorced when Shinta Shinta was a kid. Until graduation to follow his mother's doctor Shinta. Shinta never knew and know how and where his father now.
In addition much of the city area is still very backward and isolated. Imagine, to reach the region's people have a day of inter-city bus, then connected with a motorcycle taxi to the edge of the village in question. In his own village who had no means of transport is also not yet reached by electricity. There was no TV and no telephone connections or plane repeater antennas for mobile phone use.
His mother asked his uncle who shared her mother's younger brother Rudi took his fiancee to immediately review the village. Coming home from the village they said that how heavy the terrain to be encountered by Shinta later. They are worried and anxious at the Shinta is planned in the month of Hajj will be married to Rudi. Shinta and Rudi has been engaged for almost 2 years. Rudi itself is an agricultural engineer who has worked at the District Agricultural Office. But all the worries and concerns of parents and her fiance was not too taken by Shinta.
To better appreciate the rest of the story, let alone tell the story Shinta experienced as noted below,
Shinta story
I own it is very challenged by the condition of the village. Idealisku up and encourage me to keep going when I learned the geographic, social, demographic and socio-economic and local culture of the village community. I berketatapan heart will not retreat by the challenges of a truly romantic. I want to be able to share the science and knowledge, skill and experience for the people in the village. I want to devote myself to them full of deprivation and underdevelopment that. And in the end for being a bright and brave then both mother and my fiance PTT support in remote villages.
After going through a grueling one-day trip with his uncle and delivered by Rudi Mas I got to the village was full of challenges. We are welcomed by the village and hamlet. An elder who is also head of the village called Pak Tanba spontaneously lend one I made room in his house for a simple clinic.
After 2 days to make preparations and the doctor's perfunctory ceremony I formally accepted by the community as a doctor in the village. I will also provide health services to villages around the village. With messages as well as many warned-warned, with Rudi's uncle returned to the city by leaving me ready to start my job. Shortly before I moved watching Rudi. I read the longing in her eyes that perch. He will be missed when it will again caress each other. OK, Rud. This khan is only for 6 months. And we'll get married afterwards, is not it?!
On the first day I was invited by Mr. signs around the village with village officials to be introduced to the villagers. In the following days I waited for people who need my help in the clinic. If necessary I will also visit patients who are unable to visit my office. The first days of duty I was assisted by a cadre of health that I give a simple training. At the very necessary Pak Tanba willing to help to take calls from people I serve.
People will understand that village had excess Pak Tanba. He is very familiar and loved the people around him. He is one of the most wealthy to village size but did not show pride. With his business as a collector can produce Tanba Pak has several houses in the village and some surrounding villages.
More powerful, sir Tanba whose age is over 65 years was able to have three wives. This means that in addition capable of in terms of material, Mr. Tanba also have a very good physical ability. Her body still looks healthy and strong and always ready to perform its obligation to provide maintenance to his wife physically and spiritually. His face was hard but it gives the impression of protecting the dignity to anyone close to him. And rightly so, sir Tanba light of the hands and feet to provide relief to others, the village community or anyone else.
Pak wives Tanba arguably not a woman at random. Rhayah his first wife, his age was 57 years old. He is the consort of Mr. Tanba true. Rhayah birth of 3 children who have grown up and married. At Rhayah, Mr. Tanba shows how he as a husband who always provide a living mentally and physically without favoritism to a younger or more beautiful.
To his second wife is Siti Nurimah. A widow from the village is quite far from the village. Siti Nurimah are women who have klontong shop in the village. Of Nurimah Pak Tanba have 2 children who are still in school. Nurimah very good heart. He never showed envious or jealous of another's wife Tanba Pak.
Then his last wife was very young. Age 19 years. She was a virgin when married Mr. Tanba. Because the services of Mr. Tanba the family, so named Halimah who behave pretty smooth and willing to become the third wife of Mr. Tanba. He was always respectful to Mr. Tanba and his former wife. Halimah is the daily elementary school teacher in his village. Halimah is currently 9 months pregnant. It is estimated she will give birth in the near future.
I often think that there is someone like Mr. koq Tanba. Low education, she just graduated from elementary school, did not make it a little person. I judge Tanba Pak is a great man in the real sense. He was one who always hold the commitment, look at how the relationship with the wife. He is also a hard worker and fun social activities for the happiness of the people. I never heard a complaint as long as she helped my duties. He always showed his excitement.
And I also admire, he seldom tired or sick. He always seemed healthy. His own body that looks pretty stocky very fresh condition without the disease. With his hair still black and thick, his teeth are still intact in his place and his eyes are so energetic, passing people who see it will impress the most Tanba Pak age about 50 years. Or 15 years younger than actual age. And one thing that might make it easier to get a wife, a sympathetic look and style. Not good looking but good to see.
In its activities as a collector Mr. Tanba many crops around the surrounding villages by riding a motorcycle. At the moment there is no activity Pak Tanba gladly lend well mendatangai bike to me for my patients who live far from the village. Even if the situation is dire Pak Tanba himself intervened to help me with a lift leading to the residence of patient.
Health services in the midst of this isolated village communities arguably knows no time. Several times I have received calls from my patients much in the middle of the night. And of course only with the help of Mr. Tanba I can fulfill my duty and calling it.
Not feel that my activities have crept into the month to 4. I have known and known to many people in my village and surrounding villages. During that time Mr. Tanba has shown how much he has helped me with no half-hearted for the welfare and public health in the village. I really respect him with goodwill this Tanba Pak. In fact, I often feel moved when the drive I used to get a variety of difficulties. Sometimes a burst tire bike, or a machine that crashed so often he must lead his bike on foot in the distance.
In other occasions we often get caught up in the former rain, slippery roads. With the shuffling he had to push his bike through the mud and slipped down a few times until his clothes covered in mud. I myself can not do much in such conditions. I have only compassion that can not be shared with him.
On the other hand the two of us often menrasakan an inner satisfaction. When efforts to help the sick or the occasional mothers who gave birth and all ends with a safe and successful we really feel very happy. Sometimes we express the happiness that is very spontaneous. We hugged each other due to feelings of happiness over the success so many demands sacrifice.
Of the full variety of ups and downs of that kind of relationship with Mr. Tanba become increasingly emotional. We are not simply related to the duties or obligations alone. But we are getting a feel for what makes Mr. Tanba happy or hard I will come to feel happy or difficult. And vice versa.
Sometimes crossed my mind, it would be happy to have wives, husbands kinds Pak Tanba very concerned with its role as a husband and as a human being is part of another human being. It's rare a kind husband Mr. Tanba.
I myself feel how cool when Mr. Tanba comes near me. I get the feeling never before. As if there is a protective didekatku. There is pay attention and help when I get into trouble. Are there so that given a father to his daughter? Are there any I missed that until now the father I never knew and know where its existence? Feelings of sincere love, I love Pak Pak Tanba menyanyangi Tanba and I is a realization that accompanies every being with him.
And oddly enough, I admit, I was worried that there was no Mr. Tanba. I was nervous if not met her. For example, I lost my concentration at work when she was rotating her items 1 or 2 days. I often reflect on why I feel so very dependent on Pak Tanba. And feeling that resahku deeper and deeper by the day.
One night, around 9 pm there are people from the village next to the hills and fields to come. His wife was attacked by fever and raving. He panicked and then accompanied her neighbors come to me for help. Just then there is Mr. Tanba coming back from the earth to take care of merchandise from the village. Without showing fatigue or boredom Pak Tanba quickly suggested that I visit the sick man. He is ready to take me. After asking where the house is clear he asked permission to go ahead. On foot until they could cross the path he would be more likely to advance than I am. They will be waiting for us at the door of the village.
After I set up the necessary tools we went to the village in question. I saw the sky so dark. Occasionally visible lightning lit trees.
Well, it looks like rain, sir Tanba,Yeah ya, Mom doctors, nantilah Hopefully the rain after all completed affairs,
But I'm not worried. During Mr. Tanba's around all the obstacles seemed to him only. He would deal for me. Because the village roads are not smooth kind in the city, I had to hug her waist tightly Tanba Pak luggage rack so as not thrown from his motorcycle. Indeed, so every time we rode. And if this body should still have to go to sleep, then kantukku kusalurkan by sticking my head into the back of Pak Tanba. She had no objection to my doing this.
Bu sleep physician, the course is still quite far away.
To be continued. . .

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